Eeveelutions Everywhere — Previewing Eevee Heroes, the Next Big Thing

Eeveelutions Everywhere — Previewing Eevee Heroes, the Next Big Thing

Hello everyone and welcome back to ChannelFireball! I’m back again today with another collecting article for you all today and it is going to be a great one! While there are likely going to be multiple set releases between now and what I’m covering today, it already seems to be one of the most hyped sets in Pokemon history. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately, but Pokemon popularity is at an all-time high and Pokemon is printing some incredible sets as of late.

Anyways, the set is named Eevee Heroes if you have not heard about it already and it will contain loads of Eevee-related cards and ultra rares, both of which have already begun to excite people in the hobby. This set should be a lot of fun to talk about today and an absolute blast to be involved with when it does release, so I hope you all are excited as I am.

I’ll start with an overview of the set, move on to a review of the best cards and then wrap things up with some distribution talk. Let’s get started!

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Set Overview

Eevee Heroes is one of the most hyped sets in the history of Pokemon and that is for great reason, especially when you compare it to hyped sets in recent memory. Shining Fates was extremely hyped, despite only having shiny Charizard VMAX as a major chase card, because of the state Pokemon is in right now and the number of ultra rares it contained. Not only does Eevee Heroes contain a whopping 32 ultras, but it is absolutely packed with fan favorite Pokemon in the form of the Eeveelutions. This means that people should have great experiences when opening packs due to the large number of ultra rares and have a shot at getting one of many chase cards.

To get into the specifics, it is looking like the set will contain 69 normal cards (non-ultra rares) and 32 ultra rares. The set is packed with alternate arts, which have been a huge success in the past, especially when featuring popular Pokemon. It looks like one of each V will have a full art and alternate full art version and each VMAX will have a hyper rare and alternate art version. As you may have expected, the Ultra Rares are certainly the highlight here as I expect very little to come from the other cards in the set, but that still leaves us with plenty to choose from!

Let’s look at the cards that everyone should be excited about if they aren’t already.

Set Review

Not a whole lot that strikes me as being especially useful for the competitive side of things, though there are a couple cards, and this set is being hyped up quite a bit from the collecting side of things. Additionally, I will be publishing more Eevee Heroes content in the future, so I’m going to leave the competitive stuff out of this one and review these cards based on collecting and financial aspects.

Aroma Lady & Gordie Full Arts

I talk about full art Supporters in every set release I do because a lot of them have performed well in the long run, which leads me to believe they are always worth keeping an eye on. They have great potential due to their wild popularity and keeping track of their performance does not cost anyone anything. Whether it be buyouts or steady price increases, a lot of them have large percentage growth once they start to age. While these Supporters are not particular enticing, especially Gordie, I still believe they are worth keeping track of as you never know when a full art Supporter might have its day in the sun. If you want to know more about my thoughts on full art Supporters, look at my set discussion articles. You will gain a greater understanding on my thoughts on this umbrella of cards as a whole and will get card-specific thoughts as well.

Aroma Lady & Gordie Hyper Rares

These are in a similar situation to the full art versions, but not quite. Hyper rares like these tend to be more expensive off the bat and have less long-term potential, likely since many people don’t like how hyper rares look. Additionally, there is just less room for growth when you don’t start off as being undervalued. These are still worth keeping an eye on though, mostly for the reasons stated in the section above.

Inteleon Secret Rare

Gold cards in general have been disappointing lately and I honestly don’t have a whole lot of faith in this card. In fact, in my Chilling Reign article, I spent at least a paragraph ripping Inteleon’s playability to shreds. If you want to know what I think about the card in that aspect, go check out that article. Otherwise, we can now attack Inteleon from a financial aspect as well. If the set is absurdly popular right off the bat and/or people think Inteleon is the next Decidueye-GX, people may be able to capitalize on an inflated price point for this card when the set releases. Otherwise, I expect this card to be no different from the average secret rare Pokemon we get in each set, so those sorts of cards would be a good reference for where the price of this card might stabilize.

Darkness Energy Secret Rare

The original release of secret rare Energy was very hyped, but their prices did not reflect their potential for a long time. Eventually, both the demand and the prices of these cards grew, which really did not surprise anyone. I was very invested in these at the time and I’m very happy that I no longer am. The current versions of these cards will lose a lot of potential in the long run due to the competition that the newer versions will create and may even see an immediate drop in price. As for the newer versions, it is sort of a similar situation in reverse. Since the older versions already exist, the demand for these will be lower and therefore the prices will not be as high as they could have been. I shared these same thoughts on the secret rare Energy coming out of Chilling Reign – I thought these cards had a high floor and low ceiling. Just not a whole lot of room for movement in either direction, which is great for people looking to collect but not particularly enticing for anyone hoping to capitalize on a new release in the long run.

Vigor Shake & Turffield Stadium Secret Rares

I have similar thoughts on each of these cards and they are same rarity and card category, so I decided to lump them together.

Unfortunately for secret rares Trainers like this, it just seems like they don’t hold the same demand or value that they once did. The ones that are very playable in competitive events are exceptions sometimes, but neither of these are going to be absolute staples. Turffield Stadium might be played in fringe Grass decks at some point, but there is no indication that those will be a dominant force anytime soon. This card is a reprint and has not been used much thus far, so I have no real hope for it moving forward.

As for Vigor Shake, it does have potential to be used in an Expanded format Trevenant deck. I know I said I wasn’t going to be reviewing the playability of cards in this article, but cards like this have their value heavily influenced by their playability. In this case, that is not very good for them and the artwork of each is not super enticing, so I don’t expect these to perform particularly well.

Leafeon V, Flareon V, Vaporeon V, Glaceon V & Jolteon V Full Arts

There are two tiers of Eeveelutions for me when it comes to popularity. This is the lower tier and I have decided to lump them together to avoid being repetitive.

It is funny to think that these are the worst of the best in this set, as they would normally be competing for some of the top slots. The competition in this set is just very steep, so there is no shame in not having a shot at being the absolute best. These cards still feature fan favorite Pokemon and incredible artwork, which will have their popularity levels high upon release and continue.

These cards are essentially level one, and the cards get progressively more enticing as each section passes. Just something I noticed while writing this article.

Espeon V, Umbreon V & Sylveon V Full Arts

This is the higher tier of the full art Eeveelutions.

All of what I said above could be said for this trio, but these three Pokemon are just the more popular Eeveelutions and that is consistently reflected in their price points. I would rank these cards one tier above the cards in the first section, but they are all very comparable and should perform somewhat similarly in the long run. While their prices might be different due to the potentially higher demand for these, I expect there to be consistent trends across this entire class of cards.

Leafeon V, Flareon V, Vaporeon V, Glaceon V & Jolteon V Alternate Full Arts

This is the lower tier of the alternate full art Eeveelutions.

I once again separated these from their more popular counterparts as I do expect a difference in demand and pricing once again, but don’t let that deter you from appreciating these for what they are. These cards will be very sought after, borderline chase cards depending on how demand and pricing settle out. They just have stiff competition in the form of the more popular Eeveelutions and then the VMAX cards, so there is no shame in not being the absolute best here. The fact of the matter is that they just won’t be as expensive as some of the more popular ones, but that will be an advantage to anyone trying to collect the set or has a favorite in this tier. After all, do we really want every card to be sitting at such a high price point? Not only would that be bad for consumers and fans, but that is not sustainable. It is just not possible for cards in this tier and higher tiers to all be at the same price point, that just isn’t how things work, so it is only natural that there is some separation when it comes to pricing.

Espeon V, Umbreon V & Sylveon V Alternate Full Arts

This is the higher tier of the alternate full art Eeveelutions.

The difference between these and the section above this one is like the difference between the gap between the regular Full Art cards we already discussed. The difference, though, is that these cards are the highest rarity form of these Pokemon outside of the VMAX cards, which are ultimately just completely different. Therefore, I expect the gap between these more popular Eeveelutions and their less popular counterparts to be greater, as I expect the demand for these to be very high. People always chase the highest rarity available, especially when it comes to Pokemon of such popularity and artwork like what is featured here. These will be chase cards so don’t underestimate them, they just happened to be outclassed by some ridiculous competition that I’m about to cover.

Leafeon VMAX & Glaceon VMAX Both Arts

These VMAXs are all incredible cards, regardless of which artwork or rarity you end up deciding on. The fact of the matter, however, is that they are just not on the same level as Sylveon and Umbreon, which is why they are separated from each other. These two are lumped together because I consider them to be on the same level and in very similar situations.

These cards are both incredible and will perform very well. That goes for both artworks for both cards, which is why I have them all included in the same section. Some of what I will say about the cards below, which are the best cards in the set, can also be said for these cards, but the fact of the matter is that Umbreon and Sylveon will almost always outperform Leafeon and Glaceon. Just look at sets such as Hidden Fates, which contains all the Eeveelutions. With that being said, I still have a ton of faith in these cards. They are still fan favorites and have incredible artwork, so I expect them to perform very well, just not as well as Sylveon and Umbreon. I do expects these versions to compete or exceed their Hidden Fates versions, which would obviously rank them in elite status when it comes to card popularity and value upon sets released in recent years. These are cards to keep an eye on, as are the cards below, as all of them are very comparable for a lot of reasons.

Sylveon VMAX & Umbreon VMAX Both Arts

These cards are the best of the best in this set. I expect these cards to be the four chase cards, so this section is all about the high-end cards of the set, Sylveon and Umbreon. While I do consider Umbreon to have the edge here, they are going to be in a similar situation overall and will be the cards people are chasing so I decided to place them in the same section.

As I already said, these are the absolute cream of the crop and will be on the same level as some recently dominate cards upon release. Umbreon and Sylveon are fan favorites that perform very well historically, and I would bet that trend continues here. I expect them to be similar in popularity and value to cards such as their Hidden Fates versions, which should speak to just how confident I’m in these. The hyper rares are the rarer versions, but the alternate art versions have incredible artwork, so I expect all of them to perform well in their own right. In recent history, it seems like very strong alternate arts have outperformed their hyper rare counterparts, so I would not be surprised to see that here either. That is something that is up for debate, though. Only time will tell, I guess.

Obtaining the Set

I will say that this section does not exclusively apply to Eevee Heroes as I would give similar advice to this for any Pokemon sealed product being released now. I will, however, also discuss what happened with this set in Japan upon release and share my thoughts on that as well.

As for Japan, the situation is probably not going to surprise you very much, which is just a sign of the times we are in right now. Wild demand, low supply and severe scalping levels caused Eevee Heroes to be relatively unobtainable in Japan. In fact, they are only selling it right now via a lottery system to allow customers a chance at obtaining the product. It has already been announced that more product is coming, though and I expect that to fix the situation when it does arrive.

I don’t think we will see the same situation happen in the United States because I expect supply levels to be higher as they seemingly have been with most recent releases. Additionally, this is many months away, so Pokemon has even more time to get things under control and plan a great release day.

While I do think that our situation will be better than what happened in Japan in terms of accessibility, you may have to choose between immediate gratification and the price you pay. Unless you happen to find it in store or online at MSRP, you will likely have to choose between paying marked up prices or waiting to get the sealed product. This is especially true if Target and Walmart continue to not sell Pokemon cards in store, as that would eliminate an avenue of potentially getting some. However, I discussed that situation in its entirety in my last article and I don’t believe it to be as dire as people think. That article would be a great way to think about what the Eevee Heroes release situation might look like, so check that out if you are interested.

As far as singles go, I always recommend waiting sometime after release to get the best deals on most cards, but you can always choose to pay some extra money and get them right away.

Final/Other Notes

  • Don’t spend time between now and release stressing out about obtaining product. Acquiring some might not be the easiest time, but I’m confident in how the release will be handled.
  • Don’t sleep on the couple ultra rares in the set that are not Eeveelutions, as I expect them to be undervalued at first.
  • Aroma Lady and to some extent Gordie have long-term potential.
  • Honestly, all the Eeveelution cards have long-term potential. They have performed historically great overall. They will all be wildly popular off the bat as well, with the more popular or rarer ones establishing themselves as chase cards.
  • Not having regular art copies of the V and VMAX cards should increase the prices of the ones we do have a little bit. Less competition means more demand for the ones that do exist.
  • This set is something to watch in the long run, sealed product included.

Those notes are going to be it for this one, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this early look at Eevee Heroes, as it is very hyped already but not expected to be released until at least August and possibly later. With, it seems to be all everyone is talking about right now and I’m quite excited about it myself, so I felt the need to share my thoughts on everything we know thus far. I will have more Eevee Heroes content closer to release or shortly after it, so definitely keep an eye out for that if you liked this article. As far as other future content goes, I will be back every Tuesday in June! Keep an eye out for those articles as well and if you have any article suggestions for me, feel free to drop a comment below.


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