Dumpster Divers — Vivid Voltage Whimsicott / Garbodor

Vivid Voltage is coming and I for one am extremely excited for it. This set has many new cards which I think will be fun and viable options in the format. The format was starting to get stale with ADP running the format and decks trying to counter it. It has caused the inclusion of Crushing Hammer in many decks to try and stop Altered Creation GX. With the new cards, there will be more options to deal with ADP and other such decks. I think there are many answers in Vivid Voltage for all the current decks to force them to adapt.

One of the best parts of a new set is trying out all the different decks that are in the set. There are old cards that can combo with the new cards to create brand new strategies. There are also strategies completely contained in new sets. Vivid Voltage brings both to the table and I am going to have a great time exploring the set. I am going to be talking about a brand-new deck that is a set contained strategy that can combo with older cards.

Whimsicott and Garbodor from Vivid Voltage is a powerful combo that I believe could be a very good deck going forward. It is a single-prizer attacking deck that attacks for either Psychic Energy or Twin Energy depending on what is attacking. The synergy with Tools in this deck is also a very cool feature with the deck. It discards Tools from play to do damage with Whimsicott and then puts them back into the deck from the discard with Garbodor. Whimsicott naturally caps out at 250 damage which is enough to OHKO any Pokemon that is not a VMAX or TAG TEAM. Garbodor can do massive amounts of damage depending on how many Tools are put into the discard. This deck is going to be hitting for lots of damage very quickly.


##Pokémon - 20
4 Cottonee VIV 075
4 Whimsicott VIV 076
4 Jirachi TEU 99
2 Trubbish VIV 110
2 Garbodor VIV 111
2 Dedenne-GX UNB 57
1 Oricorio-GX CEC 95
1 Mewtwo UNB 75
##Trainer Cards - 32
4 Professor's Research SSH 178
2 Boss's Orders RCL 154
1 Leon VIV 154
4 Vitality Band SSH 185
4 U-Turn Board UNM 211
4 Switch SSH 183
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
4 Air Balloon SSH 156
1 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
##Energy - 8
4 Twin Energy RCL 174
4 Psychic Energy Energy 5

Key Cards

Whimsicott makes this deck possible. Flying Fury is an incredibly powerful attack that can do up to 250 damage naturally. With a Vitality Band, it can hit 260 max which is a one-shot on Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX. It can one-shot almost any Pokemon for just one Psychic Energy. It also has the added benefit to be able to draw cards if it is unable to get a Knock Out. You can use Triple Draw to smooth out a hand. While it is not optimal to use this attack, it is certainly better than just passing. Because this deck focuses on one-Prize attackers, this means that you can sometimes go behind on Prizes to catch up later in the game.

Garbodor is Whimsicott’s partner in crime. Whimsicott may put all the Tools in the deck into the discard pile, but Garbodor can put them back. In this list, Garbodor maxes out at 360 damage, which is enough to Knock Out anything in the format. Garbodor is definitely a late game sweeper which is why it there is only two copies of it in the deck. It is meant to come out after Whimsicott has dealt with your opponent. Trubbish is also a nice card in this deck as it can smooth out the opening hand going second with its Lucky Find attack.

Jirachi smoothes this deck out. I have tried a bunch of different engines, but old reliable Jirachi is the best one I have found. Reusing this card over and over with Scoop Up Net gets great results. A cool trick to do with Jirachi is to use Professor’s Research before using Stellar Wish so that you can get more Tools for Whimsicott.


Leon is a very cool and new card that has come out in Vivid Voltage. It lets you add 30 more damage to your attack which lets this deck hit all the right numbers. With six Tools and Leon, Whimsicott can do 280 damage to Knock Out ADP. With only one copy of can it be relied on? I think the answer is yes, because of all the draw and search in this deck. Jirachi can find it in the deck. If this card ends up in the discard pile, Mewtwo can put it back on top of the deck. There are many ways to get this card and use it, which makes it a great addition to this deck.

U-Turn Board is probably the most important card in this deck. This card has an insane combo with Whimsicott. When you discard Tools for Flying Fury, you can return U-Turn Board to the hand because it was discarded from play. This means that Whimsicott always has Tools for its attack to rapid fire Flying Fury over and over. U-Turn Board also gives minus one Retreat Cost, which happens to be most of the Pokemon in here, and it works on the Pokemon-GX, which Scoop Up Net does not.

U-Turn Board

Vitality Band is a very interesting card in here. While it counts as a Tool, it also gets Whimsicott to the numbers it needs to be at. If Whimsicott discards four Tools, it normally does 170, but with Vitality Band on it, it does 180. At five Tools and Vitality Band, Flying Fury is doing 220 which is enough to one-shot Zacian V. Vitality Band even works when you discard card it from the active. This is a card that lets you hit all the right numbers and is a great Tool to play in this deck.

Vitality Band

Twin Energy as a four-of is probably the most suspicious card count in here. Why four, when there is only two Garbodor? The answer is that they will be discarded with extreme prejudice. Since Garbodor is only good late game, you will need a Twin Energy late game. However, with a low count of Twin Energy, it may make it impossible to get a new hand if it means discarding the last Twin Energy available. By playing four Twin Energy, Garbodor gets more flexibility on when and how it is played.

Twin Energy

Possible Inclusions

Whimsicott-GX is worth considering in here. While I am not sure what I would cut exactly for it, it does have a use. It would require changing the energy line to four Aurora Energy and four Triple Acceleration Energy. So, with a Vitality Band, Triple Acceleration Energy, and an Aurora Energy Whimsicott-GX can use its Energy Blow attack to do 140 damage. Against ADP this damage doubles because of the Fairy Weakness to 280. This Knocks Out ADP and can be achieved somewhat easily. It is worth keeping in mind if the matchup proves to be a hurdle.

Whimsicott GX


The following matchups I am going to list are all theoretical. I know how these decks operate and am using theory to base on how they would play out. I will not be putting matchup numbers as there is no data to base this off of. I will attempt to explain how I think these decks would interact with each other and which deck I think would be a favorite.


I think this is going to be the toughest matchup because of Altered Creation GX. They can quickly put you on a clock making this a race against time. I think it would generally flow as Whimsicott gets a two-shot off on ADP after ADP gets an Altered Creation GX off. Then they would take two Prizes, and you as long as you don’t have two GXs on the field, they shouldn’t be able to catch up. This, however, does not take into consideration a turn one Altered Creation GX. It is very difficult to combat this and going second is the equivalent of them getting a turn one Altered Creation GX. This matchup is probably very difficult but winnable. Getting a Leon to one-shot ADP can swing the matchup in your favor. If you cannot one-shot ADP, getting a Boss’s Orders on a Benched Pokemon in order to build up a one-shot to ADP is the way to go.

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GXZacian V


This matchup in my head is good. The reason I think this is because you can limit the amount of two-Prize Pokemon you can play while they cannot. Eventually you can build up a one-shot with Garbodor against Eternatus VMAX. They can use their own single-prizer attackers like Hoopa to try and make you miss a Knock Out. Try to focus on building up many attackers and stream back to back attacks. Weaving in Boss’s Orders will be key to this matchup.

Eternatus VMAX


This matchup should be a huge favorite for you. Pikachu & Zekrom-GX already takes a long time to get powered up. It has to have a very good turn to get a turn one Full Blitz. Whimsicott can Knock Out everything in this deck. If they get a Big Charm on a TAG TEAM Pokemon, you can use Leon to counter act the extra health. As long as you don’t draw poorly and can get continuous attacks, then this matchup should be good. One thing that can turn this matchup against you is if they get a turn one Full Blitz. This is because they can then use Tag Bolt they can clear all of your attackers leaving them extra turns of free attacks.

Pikachu & Zekrom GX


I am not sure if this matchup is good or bad. Dragapult has a real knack for being able to destroy single-prizer attacking decks. However, it is also weak to Darkness which Garbodor is. The matchup probably hinges on how often and quickly Garbodor is able to attack. If you can get a Garbodor to one-shot Dragapult VMAX when all the Energy is on it then I think this deck will win. If they can get to a board state where they Knock Out Garbodor and Trubbish, I think it might be too much to handle. I am not exactly sure, as for all I know, Whimsicott swarm might be too much for Dragapult to handle. This is one matchup that I could see going either way and is probably going to be about even.

Dragapult VMAX

Other Single-Prize Attackers

This is just a general overview on how single-Prize attacking matchups work out. This holds true for most of these matchups and I believe will hold true here. Try to get as many attackers flowing as possible to not miss an attack. Missing a Knock Out can spell disaster in these types of matchups and can cause an instant loss. Another thing to keep track of is how many two-Prize Pokemon get put on to the field. Try to not put down the first one, but if you have priority with the Prize trade and your opponent benches one, feel free to match their number if it allows you to keep the pressure on. Getting the first Knock Out is the most important thing in these types of matchups.

Final Thoughts

Vivid Voltage gets my creative juices flowing. I see so much potential in the cards in this set and want to try them all out. There will be many updates to current decks that will shift the metagame in many different directions. There will be brand new decks that will appear like this one. There are also undiscovered decks that will take some time to figure out. Additionally, there are some cards in here just waiting to be played when the right partner gets released. U-Turn board was waiting for a partner and Whimsicott answered its call.

This deck is very cool and can do a lot of damage very quickly. I don’t believe this is the absolute perfect decklist as that can only happen as the metagame gets refined and lists get polished. This is a great starting point with the concept of bring back single-Prize attackers. Since the format rotated it has been dominated by VMAX and TAG TEAM – this deck is hopefully a sign of times changing. I think the biggest hurdle to making this deck great, is getting the engine to be perfect. While I believe Jirachi and Scoop Up Net is good, I am not convinced it is the best I can do. I will strive to make this deck even greater than this when the set officially releases.

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