Ditch Ludicolo! Suicune V / Intelon Energy Removal

Ditch Ludicolo! Suicune V / Intelon Energy Removal

Hello ChannelFireball readers! Nathália Fernandes here again with another Pokemon TCG article. Today, I’ll talk about a new Suicune V / Inteleon build with Energy Removal cards like Crushing Hammer, Team Yell Grunt and Fan of Waves that I’ve been testing lately.

We’re in a period where the metagame has stabilized and we already have a good idea of ​​which decks are the best in the format. Urshifu Single Strike and Rapid Stirke, Suicune / Ludicolo, Dragapult VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Zacian V and Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX have been among the top decks for a long time and have already proven themselves worthy of being in that position. They all have a mix of good matches and bad matches between them, so I see all these decks balanced and, with so many competitive decks as an option, it’s harder and harder to find anything that’s effective against them all. However, the good old strategy of removing the opponent’s energy has proven effective once again.

In my article today, the idea is to combine the base of Suicune V / Inteleon with the energy removal cards we have in the format like Fan of Waves, Crushing Hammer and Team Yell Grunt. With the help of Drizzile and Inteleon to search for Trainer cards and with the metagame filled with decks that use Special Energy and have few Energy cards, such as Dragapult VMAX, the goal is to take advantage of the consistency and speed of Suicune V to attack fast and delay the opponent’s game by removing their energy.

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