Deck Highlight — Standard Decidueye with Snorlax

I decided to play Decidueye after seeing AzulGG play it on his stream yesterday (the list originated from Robin Schulz). The deck got a nice consistency boost with Snorlax VIV; it looks a lot better than the Jirachi version. Galarian Obstagoon would still be nice to have, but Robin decided not to play it – the added consistency of Snorlax should allow you to stream Decidueye much more easily, perhaps filling the void previously filled by Obstagoon against single-prizer decks. Other than that, Decidueye is still Decidueye; it locks down many of the top tier decks in the metagame with Deep Forest Camo – that’s that.


##Pokémon - 17
4 Snorlax VIV 131
4 Rowlet CEC 18
2 Dartrix DAA 12
4 Decidueye DAA 13
2 Mimikyu CEC 97
1 Phione CEC 57
##Trainer Cards - 32
4 Sonia RCL 167
4 Rosa CEC 204
4 Marnie SSH 169
1 Boss's Orders RCL 154
4 Rare Candy CES 142
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
4 Pokémon Communication TEU 152
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
1 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
4 Turffield Stadium RCL 170
##Energy - 11
4 Capture Energy RCL 171
4 Aromatic {G} Energy VIV 162
3 Grass Energy 1

Robin’s list is straightforward and nice. This deck has moving pieces with Evolution Pokemon so playing Professor’s Research isn’t advised. Marnie, Rosa and Sonia round out some of the most consistent ways to play a clunkier deck like this one. Capture Energy improves consistency even further, especially since it can grab Snorlax. I believe this deck always wants to go first so you can evolve on your second turn – Capture Energy has a lot to do with smoothing over poor starts – all seven of your non-Snorlax Basics can retreat with just a single Capture Energy.

Is Decidueye Better than Altaria?

First of all, this question needs addressing. Altaria’s Stage 1-ness makes it even more consistent and to the point, but do its lesser HP and weaker-hitting attack hold it back? Maybe this is best answered by showing off some one Decidueye’s better moments, like this one:

Nice hand, if only Snorlax woke up!

This highlight is not meant to be definitive. However, in the few games I’ve played so far I have been starting fairly well on a consistent basis. Snorlax is such a good opener and adds so much more than Jirachi such that trading out some perceived consistency in Altaria for a bulkier body and harder-hitting attack seems worth it.

Decidueye also has type-specific advantages going for it. There’s Turffield Stadium as well as Aromatic Grass Energy. The gym improves consistency (gee, I keep saying that) and the Energy stops annoying stuff like Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX’s paralysis attack and Yell Horn.


  • 140 HP is hard to whittle down when many decks don’t have an outright answer to it.
  • Many ADPZ decks have dropped Aegislash V from their lists.
  • Single-prizer decks are not very well represented in the metagame right now outside of Blacephalon (which you could secure with an Obstagoon tech).
  • Snorlax is such a consistency boost that, well, I would consider this deck quite consistent!


  • Fire-type Weakness is rough.
  • It’s still a Stage 2 deck, so there’ll be games that go terribly wrong.
  • The Jirachi version wants four Scoop Up Net to switch around, one thing sorely lacking here – when you don’t know what you’re up against and bench too much (or something else unfortunate) you can be put in a very bad spot.
  • The longer games go can be good and bad, there’s recovery with two Ordinary Rod, but sometimes the pressure is too much.
So close.
  • This deck is weak to Mawile-GX; it’s possible to play around it but the options are limited – four Quick Ball for discard and Marnie to bottom a collection of Basics.
Mawile punish!

Try this deck out if you like playing troll decks. Decidueye can be good but it’s not very interactive. Having Snorlax in tow makes this deck feel like it’s the best it’s ever been. Placing damage with Splitting Arrow is about as big brain as the deck gets, but that spread damage is fun to manipulate. With a low Boss’s Orders count this deck is solidly in the control-ish area of decks; it is by no means to used as an aggro deck. Decidueye doesn’t do very much damage already and the deck lacks assets to pressure opponent’s. Its advantage comes almost exclusively on the back of its broken Ability, of which there are limited counters to. It’s worth monitoring how meta decks react to a potential upswing in Decidueye play. For Lightning there’s Eelektross, for Metal there’s Aegislash V and most other decks have more natural counters like Volcanion in Centiskorch VMAX.

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