Crazy Chilling Reign Ideas — Rapid Strike Box, Moltres / Urshifu & More!

Crazy Chilling Reign Ideas — Rapid Strike Box, Moltres / Urshifu & More!

Hello again readers, I’m back with you today for what feels like the first time in forever. Even though both the Team Challenge and Players Cup are being played this weekend, I’m going to be talking about some of the decks that I’m going to be trying first with the imminent release Chilling Reign. A small disclaimer, I decided to not talk about both Calyrex cards today. Shadow Rider is an insanely good card and deck and will of course be one of the things that I begin testing in the new format. I just feel that there’s not much I could add to what is already out there. Ice Rider is also good to a lesser extent, but a rather notable Weakness to Zacian V has it sitting on the backburner in my mind, so I decided it wasn’t worth covering today. Finally, all of today’s lists are untested because they’re not on PTCGO yet and I’m not motivated enough to proxy things and drive an hour-plus to play a format that doesn’t exist yet. With that said, let’s get into today’s decks!

Lightning Rapid Strike Box

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