Cramorant Hates Him… #1 NA’s Ultimate Guide to Pikarom

Cramorant Hates Him... #1 NA's Ultimate Guide to Pikarom

Hey everyone, my name is Mike Fouchet and I have played the Pokemon Trading Card Game for entirely too long – since 2003! I have had some breaks from the game since then, but I have qualified for Worlds nine times and have a lot of achievements I am proud of. Most recently, I qualified for the Global Finals of Players Cup III. Unfortunately, I did not do so hot there, but it was still awesome to play in it. I have also done well in the online events as a whole and have enjoyed this year of online play.

Since November/December of 2020 I have mostly chosen Pikarom as my deck of choice. I used it to make it through the NA bracket in the last Players Cup and have won/top cut many online events with it. Though I have played a good number of other decks, I feel Pikarom is one of the most rewarding decks to play in the current metagame. It has many different lines of play and its matchups all require different things for you to do. The plethora of Pokemon and different attacks give the pilot many options on any given turn and, more importantly, from a macro perspective.

A matchup rarely feels unwinnable, and I find that even when a matchup does feel unwinnable, after a bit of reflection you can develop a line of play that brings the matchup quite close. The most recent example of this is the Rapid Strike Urshifu matchup: after Rapid Strike decks started to include Mimikyu to help combat Mewtwo, I thought that would be the end of Pikarom from the format. I even played Rapid Strike in the Players Cup Global Finals because of this! However, lists and thought processes adapted and now I think the matchup is only slightly unfavored. More on that below!

I am currently sitting at number one in North America in Tournament Rep for the qualifying period of Players Cup IV. I used the list below for a little over half of my Keys. Additionally, Pikarom took the win and four of the Top 8 spots in this past week’s Chill TCG regional-style event, so this seems to be a good time to take a deep dive into the deck!

Let’s look at my current list…

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