Consider Setting the Table With Some Single-Prizers

Consider Setting the Table With Some Single-Prizers

Hello CFB! Welcome back to another article of mine. Today I want to start off by saying I’ve been enjoying a ton of Pokemon outside of Standard by playing alternate formats like the Sun & Moon series only cards with TAG TEAMs banned and a 2010 Worlds format webcam tournament. I can’t express how much I enjoyed shuffling up and setting up to play with actual cards after almost over a year-and-a-half of putting them away due to the pandemic.

Playing in these two formats really reminded me of an era where games weren’t over by turn three or four. Three-Prize Pokemon are powerful, flashy and grab your attention immediately, but they’re also a little less fun to play I’d say. Granted, I’m one of the most competitive players you’ll ever meet, and I will use any strategy I deem the best one to maximize my chances of winning any given tournament. However, playing these alternate formats, especially Worlds 2010 where it’s basically single-Prize Pokemon that 2HKO each other, meaning games take at least 12 turns to complete, though usually even more than that, made me wonder about all the single-Prize Pokemon based decks in the current Standard metagame.

These are, what I believe, the best competitively viable single-Prize Pokemon decks, each with a sample decklist and a rating based on skill required to play the deck properly, how fun the deck is and what tier I think it belongs to currently.

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