A Flaming Pile — Centiskorch VMAX / Victini VMAX

Hello again readers, I’m back today to talk about yet another deck that has been made possible with Battle Styles. For me personally, I am very excited to be writing today’s article, because this deck is basically my classic Centiskorch VMAX list with even more options than ever before. Battle Styles has brought no small number of competitively viable cards and I’ve already managed to talk about a decent number of them. Today, I’m going to talk about another build for Victini VMAX, one that I don’t think I’ve seen yet.

Victini VMAX (022/163)Victini VMAX (165/163)

Given my predisposition towards all things Centiskorch, I originally intended this article to be about adapting Centiskorch to the new format. While the deck I’m presenting today does technically fit that topic, I went a little further than I intended when changing cards around in my list. Because of that, at the end of the article, I’ll also have a regular updated Centiskorch list for those of you who want something a little more traditional.

Did I just shove two different archetypes into the same list? Probably, but I think there’s real potential here for a strong deck. This deck probably has around the same overall consistency as regular Centiskorch, but I believe it has the potential to suffer much less from slow starts than we’re used to. My general thought process here was that I wanted a cheaper attack that would be capable of dealing large damage for less Energy. Obviously, that led me to Victini VMAX. Rather than pair Victini with the more typical Mewtwo & Mew-GX or Blacephalon, I decided to go with Centiskorch instead. Here’s some reasoning why:

  • Mewtwo is rising in popularity due to both Urshifu VMAX being at least somewhat playable. Dragapult VMAX is also becoming more and more popular. Neither of these are things that look particularly good for playing my own Mewtwo. Mewtwo also has much less HP than Centiskorch, making it vulnerable to being OHKOed more easily.  So that ruled out the Mewtwo build of Victini VMAX for me, at least for the time being. I turned to Stéphane’s Blacephalon variant, which is no doubt powerful. But I’ll be honest, I hate playing Blacephalon. In a format where building your hand can be difficult due to Marnie, I dislike relying on Blacephalon for big damage against GXs.
  • With both of those options ruled out for a while, I tabled Victini VMAX until further notice. My next goal was to optimize Centiskorch for the format. Back in Players Cup III prep, I halfheartedly suggested a Victini V as a potential tech for mirror, ADP and greedy Pikarom players. After having multiple opportunities for it to be used in the Players Cup, I knew I wanted a Victini V in my deck. Once I was there, I thought “Why not have a Victini VMAX too?” and threw in a copy. And then I was thinking about it more and realized that Centiskorch didn’t need to be the focus anymore. Victini gives me more room for subpar draws and coinflips that result in my going first. No longer can an Eternatus player just choose second and feel safe.

After much spiraling out of control with my “creativity”, I ended up with two copies of V and VMAX of both Centiskorch and Victini.

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