Bring Down the Meta With Blaziken & Sylveon VMAX!

Bring Down the Meta With Blaziken & Sylveon VMAX!

What’s up guys! I’m back today with another article. Today, I’ll be talking about Blaziken and Sylveon VMAX. This deck has been doing well recently and I wanted to give it a try. I really liked Blaziken when it first came out and tried to get it to work. I paired it with Zeraora V and it was surprisingly solid. The biggest problem the deck had was it didn’t have a heavy hitter, but that’s where Sylveon comes in.

While Sylveon won’t be able to one-shot other VMAX Pokemon, it does provide a reliable way to two-shot after attacking with Blaziken. It also has the bonus of being able to hit Urshifu for Weakness. I also like Sylveon V’s Ability. It gives you something to do going first and helps you set up your next turn. This deck has been fun to play and reminds me of some of the old tool box decks from older formats. Let’s look at the list. 

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