Beat Mew with Leafeon — Just Add a Couple Galarian Moltres V!

Beat Mew with Leafeon — Just Add a Couple Galarian Moltres V!

Hello again readers, I’m back again today with another article covering one of the better decks in the format right now. I’ve already hit on a few of the decks that have emerged with the release of FST, with said decks usually focusing on newly released cards. Today, I’ll be covering a deck, that while none of the cards in it are from Fusion Strike, this format is the first time that I’ve seen anyone play it. I, admittedly, haven’t been paying any attention to online events since my little stint with Duraludon VMAX, but I’ve been made aware that people have finally started to play Leafeon VMAX with Galarian Moltres.

While I haven’t mentioned it publicly at any point aside from one online event I played with the deck, I’ve been working on Leafeon / Moltres for well over a month, even before FST was close to legal. The biggest reason I haven’t already written about it is because it doesn’t incorporate Fusion Strike at all and when new sets release, nobody wants to hear about the old cards, and everybody wants to see the new cards in action. I’ve privately been contending that Leafeon / Moltres is potentially the BDIF depending on how the metagame ended up settling and low and behold, the meta has formed in a way that makes the deck very strong. Mew is the BDIF, Single Strike is largely played and Rapid Strike Inteleon VMAX is seeing minimal play, all things that were necessary for Leafeon to really shine. With that all said, let’s get into the list I have today.

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