Back in the Eternal Zone — Eternatus VMAX in Fusion Strike

Back in the Eternal Zone — Eternatus VMAX in Fusion Strike

Welcome to a new world! Well, it’s the same world, but with Fusion Strike. While I don’t think this set will be the most impactful on the game overall (in fact, it’s probably the least important set to come out since Vivid Voltage), even slightly changing a metagame can have unexpected effects. We’ve seen, many times, decks almost forgotten come back to the forefront of the metagame because of a new card or even a shift in the meta. And as you probably guessed given the title of the article, I’m suggesting that this is going to happen, to some degree, to Eternatus VMAX.

This is why, today, I’ll talk about that old behemoth, why I believe that Fusion Strike will make it relevant again, and more, including two deck lists of different variants of the deck.

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