Attack Attack! — The Altaria Deck That Safeguards & Takes Knock Outs!

Attack Attack! — The Altaria Deck That Safeguards & Takes Knock Outs!

Hello to all CFB readers! Here is Nathália again with another Pokemon TCG article and this time I will talk about the deck that recently appeared in the metagame, which is Attacking Altaria. With an Ability equal to that of Decidueye, Altaria from Champion’s Path has the idea to punish opponents who have no effective way to do damage.

We know that the metagame has been stabilized for some time, with the old known decks dominating the main events. When the metagame looks like this, it is because the best decks of the format are more and more established. On the other hand, if a new deck capable of beating the main ones appears, it will probably stand out a lot – I think this may be the case with Altaria.

There is one factor in common between the best format decks: they all don’t want to use any single-Prize attacking Pokemon. A single-Prize Pokemon does not make much sense in a format full of Pokemon-GX and VMAX as its attack is likely to be weak, its HP is low, and the easy prize offered to the opponent causes disadvantage in the match. Using a card that is only useful in a matchup and can get in the way of facing the best decks of the format, the feeling can be compared to that of playing with a deck of only 59 cards.

That’s why a deck like Altaria can surprise you. It’s funny how Altaria is such a weak and fragile deck capable of losing to a Charizard starter deck, but at the same time it has the power to easily beat the main tier one decks of the current metagame. This deck made Top 8 in the Chill Series #31 (308 players) and Top 4 in the Chill TCG Cup #6 (195 players) – it was because of these results that I decided to study this deck.

After testing with Altaria in the last few days, I ended up making changes and came up with a list that I really liked. Here’s my current list:

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