A Storm is Coming! Jolteon VMAX and How to Tech It

Jolteon VMAX is one of the best decks in the format; this week, it was ranked number two on Tord Reklev’s Power Rankings. There are good reasons for this: Jolteon VMAX hits fast, can heal with Cheryl, spreads damage to low HP Pokémon and can Knock Out Drizzile, Houndoom, etc. on the Bench. Yet it also has some weak points that can hurt it in the metagame.

In this article, I’d like to review this powerful archetype, explain briefly its strong and weak points, and discuss two ways the decks can be modified to deal with its bad matchups (decks that hit its Weakness). As you’ll see, the techs I’m suggesting are on the spicier side, so even if they’re not brand new, you might enjoy these variants if you like lists that are a bit out of the ordinary!


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