News Wrap Up: Week of August 7

A delay in Jumpstart means the final two postseason Gauntlets will feature a lame duck Standard, and not an exciting new Historic.

Challenger Gauntlet Wrap Up

Four tickets to the World Championship are punched and four players earn a spot in the 2021-22 Magic Pro League .

News Round Up: Week of July 31

The 2020-21 Magic Postseason gets underway with the Challenge Gauntlet. At stake – a spot in this year’s World Championship.

MTG Modern Enchantress – Deck Guide

While most Tier 2 Modern decks have poor matchups across the top four decks of the format, Enchantress has powerful options for all of them!

Grinning Ignus Banned in Alchemy!

Why did Grinning Ingus get banned instead of nerfed in Alchemy? Frank Karsten explores what he believes is an “iconic” card!

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