Which Mothman Card is #1?

He’s lean, he’s mean, he’s rarely seen – he’s… Indrid Cold! Just kidding, it’s Mothman of course! Although if you’re familiar with the MetaZoo lore (no spoilers, I promise), you might think they are one and the same based on the appearance of one precluding the other. And we will talk about Indrid Cold a little bit in this article, but our main focus this round will be on the star of MetaZoo and determining which of his three cards reigns supreme. As of the time of this article, Mothman has been released in three different forms: Cryptid Nation, Cryptid Nation Promo and Nightfall. He’s been featured with other artwork as well however since the card text is the same as earlier versions, we’re just going to say there’s essentially three cards.

Now let’s get started!


I really hate to do it. I really hate to put the OG in last place, but compared to the other two cards, there’s just no competition. I mean that stunning artwork leaves no question as to why it’s the fan favorite, but unfortunately his card text makes him not much of a player’s favorite nowadays. Now don’t get me wrong – this version isn’t a bad card. The aura cost is pricey but considering his life points, traits, Terra boost and base attack damage, you’re actually getting a pretty good deal for the price. The deal becomes even sweeter if you’re able to pull off the alternate win condition featured. The main issue with this card is that compared to what the others bring to the table, its effect and attack don’t have the strongest synergy for dark type decks’ typical win condition.

Unsurprisingly, the version that slots into dark decks more easily is the card released in the set based around spooky things: Nightfall


Unfortunately his aura cost is the same as the Cryptid Nation version, but at least he has most of the same aforementioned benefits from the double trait and Terra bonuses to the tanky 100 life points. He doesn’t have as strong of a base attack damage, but his contract effect more than makes up for it and is what gives him the number two position on our list. Once contracted, you’re able to search your deck for a card named Indrid Cold (see I told you he would pop up!), contract Indrid at zero cost, and then bring back two of your dark beasties that were defeated earlier in the game. 

Indrid Cold

Oh, and did I mention Indrid gives them immortality? In fact, he grants the immortal trait to all dark type beasties! Since current dark type decks typically like to use the “go wide” approach to do battle, a combo move like this in the late game is a much stronger finishing move than one where you have to be lucky enough to guess the card in your opponent’s hand.

However Mothman doesn’t always have to be a win condition or even a late game play. In fact, unlike the other Mothmen which are much stronger when played later in the game, the promo version released in Cryptid Nation is one you’ll want to summon as soon as possible. This is because of his arena effect which targets every beastie your opponent contracts with the status effect “scared”, which, if you’re unfamiliar with, forces your opponent to flip a coin when they go to fatigue their beastie. If heads, nothing happens and the action of fatiguing resolves, but if tails, the beastie essentially flees to your opponent’s hand and your opponent is forced to have to replay it next turn which can really slow them down from building their board up and attacking.


And if that’s not powerful enough, his attack can potentially paralyze the beastie it targets! Paralysis is a status effect that essentially renders the page it targets useless as it “erases” all attacks and effects located on the card. When you combine this attack with such a powerful effect and the same double Terra and trait boosts as the others at a fraction of the aura cost, there is no question as to which of these three cards ranks number one.

Do you agree/disagree with my ranking? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below and if you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball) feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

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