Where is the MetaZoo Meta Heading?

Hello again my fine humanoids and competitive casters! With the release of Wilderness dropping at the end of March, MetaZoo meta is in a toss-up. What cards will rise to the top? Who will be the new S tier spellbooks? Will Frogman remain king? I can’t give you all the answers you seek, since there is still a lot of testing to be done, but I can tell you what I ‘ve seen so far. Because if you don’t know yet, Tabletop Simulator on Steam has a MetaZoo Community Mod that gives you every card from every set at your fingertips to play with for free. If you ‘re interested in joining MetaZoo online play, check out www.castersociety.com and join the Discord, more info is available there! Now, let’s get into the cards, specifically, my top five meta-breakers of the Wilderness set.


Header - 5. John Henry

John Henry

This American folk legend lives up to his name in the game of MetaZoo, boasting a nasty combination of effects including Defender, Stone Skin and Regen along with 120 base LP and a 50 damage attack. This is what the Earth Aura is all about – durable beasties who are incredibly hard to deal with. Regen will recover 10 LP for John at the end of each turn and the Defender trait doubles LP when it ‘s not your turn, so John Henry sits at a healthy 240LP on your opponent’s turns, which is a total nightmare from their perspective. He also can’t be inflicted with status effects. Instead, he’s dealt 20 damage, but that will be reduced to zero by his Stone Skin. You see what’s happening here? Unless you have a Death Beam in your hand, the unstoppable John Henry will, most likely, not be stopped. He did tunnel through a mountain, after all.


Header - 4. Iowa Dragon

Iowa Dragon

Finally, a midrange Flame beastie to write home about. This guy does it all – direct damage to casters, inflicts two burn on all beasties and allows you to stack more burn on top of existing counters with his Incinerate attack. Fun trick, because his attack also inflicts three burn counters itself, so combine that with the additional two and you’ve got a consistent five burn counters on Iowa’s attack, with room to stack.

All of this performs well in the Arena, but the best part of Iowa Dragon, in my opinion, is that he matches up well with the Dragon of Oconto Falls, a total monster in the Light Aura and a card we’ll be speaking of shortly. Iowa’s 65LP puts him just out of killing range for the Dragon of Oconto unless the opponent has both the daytime and the Stars terra in the Arena, which isn’t likely, and if Iowa’s controller has even one of Iowa’s terra bonuses active in the Arena, it’ll kill Oconto with one hit. This alone is enough of a reason to run three in your Flame spellbook. Anything that can stop Oconto is worth keeping an eye on.


Header - 3. Dragon of Oconto Falls

Dragon of Oconto Falls

Look… up in the sky! Is it Flying? Is it Magiproof? Is it Fleet? It’s all of these things! Dragon of Oconto Falls is, at this point, already changing the game. Magiproof was scary enough on a Frogman but throw it on a Dragon that enters the Arena awakened and allows three per spellbook and you’ve got a game-ender. Every time I bring one of these in the Arena, I hear my opponents groan and mumble something like, “how am I gonna deal with that?” If it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t match up well against the other flying Dragons in the set (Iowa and Cumberland), I would say this card is OP. Luckily, MetaZoo has maintained balance in the force, but nonetheless this is the most feared of the dragons and the Light Elemental’s new best friend. Hold on to your butts and keep that Toxic Water handy, this will be a bumpy ride.


Header - 2. Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

As if Light weren’t getting enough help already with the addition of Dragon of Oconto Falls and Golden Bear (a card which I won’t have time to focus on today, but is certainly an honorable mention) now we’ve also got the Fountain of Youth. The fourth wall effect reads, “At the end of each turn, target caster recovers 100 LP minus their age.” Only in a competitive setting, Caster age is considered a non-item, which means you could rewrite that effect to say, “at the end of each turn, target caster recovers 100 LP minus zero.” This effect alone, as a spell that just one time recovers 100 LP would be worth it but you ‘re telling me this does it at the end of every turn. That’s on top of the power, “Rejuvenation”, which recovers 75 LP and removes all status effects from target Beastie or Caster.

This is, in my opinion, completely broken and is going to be the push that light needs to get to the top of the meta. Not saying that other decks won’t compete (water still carries a ton of power) but when you combine the light elementals with dragons and bears and the Fountain of Youth… oh my. Good luck, you’re gonna need some lucky draws to deal with these issues as fast as they’ll roll out.


Header - 1. Toxic Water

Toxic Water

Speaking of dealing with issues, let’s talk about the #1 card in the set, in my opinion. This zero-cost potion which appears to have been designed as a frogman-killer will remove all traits from any beastie until the end of turn. That means no more Magiproof Frogs, no more flying/magiproof/fleet Dragons and no more pesky spirits just out of attack range. All things are equal when the right potion is administered and this thing is the right potion. I ‘ll be main-decking this in all my spellbooks until someone gets smart enough to start Anti-Potion Potion-ing me and I don ‘t expect that will happen too often. MetaZoo relies heavily upon the effects of it’s zero-cost potion pages and so I expect most of us will continue to run them in our spellbooks. Toxic Water is just what the doctor ordered and I expect it will change the game more than any other single card in the Wilderness set.

Well, that’s a wrap on the Meta-Breakers. There are so many amazing cards to talk about in Wilderness – I’ve barely even scratched the surface – but these are the top performers thus far. If you’re interested in learning more about MetaZoo, come find me on Instagram @metabroz, I’m always happy to answer questions and help you learn this amazing game. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. John henry doesn’t have stone skin. He has defender unblockable and regeneration. In fact from what I can see frogman would kill him at end of turn

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