What Does Prism Aura Mean for MetaZoo?

Hello again my fellow casters and humanoids! I’ve come today with a question, a question I’ve asked myself every night as I lay sleepless in my Ninja Turtles bed sheets, a question I hear whispered by hopeful children in the streets, wide-eyed, excited, hoping to build multicolor spellbooks for their next MetaZoo tournament. What does Prism Aura mean for MetaZoo?

Prism Aura

Up until now, MetaZoo has been a game completely dominated by monocolor spellbooks. With the exception of potion cards (which are free to contract), decks that only play pages of one aura type have proven to be far more consistent, winning literally every tournament to date. Although artifact essences like Lightning Alley and Obsidian Obelisk were introduced in Nightfall, they were limited to only two per spellbook and didn’t do enough to allow a consistent dual aura spellbook. But things are changing, and that change is almost entirely due to Prism Aura. Let’s run the numbers a little here.

There are two Prism Aura allowed per spellbook. They will enter the Arena awakened and can be used to generate one Aura of any type. This places one-drop pages and pages which only require one of a specified Aura type much more within reach, especially when combined with some of the dual aura artifact essences I mentioned earlier. A 40-page spellbook could be running two Prism Aura, with two artifact essences and a chaos crystal and that would mean that they’d have a dual resource or an all-color resource every eight cards on average. That’s a really playable ratio. Test it out a little, you’ll see what I mean.


All of a sudden Dampen, Morpheus and Paralyze can be splashed in any spellbook. All three are cards which require only one specific Aura and will entirely change the course of a game if used at the right time. Add on the fact that it’s an aura page and can’t be easily destroyed and you can see why Prism Aura is the chase card of the Wilderness set. There is literally only one spell in the entire game that can destroy a Prism Aura – it’s called Destroy Aura (go figure) but no one is running it at the moment, so you’re safe.

So what does this really mean for the meta? Will a dual aura spellbook win the next tournament? It’s hard to say, but the door is certainly open. More than anything else, the ability to splash key spells like Dampen and Morpheus into different spellbooks will certainly see some play in the near future. I expect to see a lot of dual aura decks involving Water not just for Dampen (currently the only true counterspell in the game) but for all the extra bookmarking that Water Aura allows. It’s pretty tempting to include Frogman as well since he is still the M.V.B. (Most Valuable Beastie) and I expect to see a lot of him at future tournaments. Now a new question: What is the most powerful one-drop I can use my Prism Aura to contract?

That’s all folks! Hope this got your gears turning about all the possibilities. I think Prism Aura will have huge effects on the game state and I wish you all the luck and blessings of the booster gods, that they may lead you to the path of Prism Auras… because, uh, they are the chase card and are really hard to pull. Good luck!

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