Top 3 Chibi Cards from the Valentine’s Day Set

Although the Valentine’s Day set is now a few weeks behind us, MetaZoo’s latest set Wilderness also features the chibi forms of beasties, so I felt that it was only fitting we touch on those cards once more before moving onto the next set. Since trying to fit all 12 cards into one article would essentially be like writing a novel, in this article we’re just going to focus on which three chibi cards from the Valentine’s Day set have the most potential to pop up in decks, whether casual or competitive.


Header - Chibi Menehune

For starters, let’s kick things off with the King of artifacts – and also bananas – Chibi Menehune!

Chibi Menehune

If you saw my YouTube video comparing MetaZoo’s famed Chaos Crystal with the even more famous Black Lotus from Magic: the Gathering, you already know I’m a big fan of this guy’s adult version and his baby form has a similar ability that I would consider is just as powerful. You see, for just one Light Aura, you can summon this little guy to the battlefield and then – if your opponent agrees to let you hug them – the both of you can search for any artifact you like in your deck and place it into your hand. And unlike other tutor cards in MetaZoo like Index, there is no restriction on when you can play the card you just searched for which means you can summon cards like Boost Aura and Chaos Crystal to the battlefield the moment you add them to your hand!


Header - Chibi Loveland Frogman

Next up on the list is my favorite baby amphibian: Chibi Loveland Frogman

Chibi Loveland Frogman

Since I already went in-depth with this card in a previous article, I’ll be keeping the summary for this one slightly on the shorter side in comparison to the others. The main attraction of this card is similar to its adult version and that lies in their powerful card draw abilities. Although Chibi Frogman allows your opponent to draw as well, being able to draw a card for just one Aura is still a powerful ability to have access to. This is especially true when taking into consideration that – unlike his adult counterpart – this effect happens the moment you summon him to the field. And when you combine that effect with a cheap aura cost that makes him easy to splash in any deck playing water, you’ve got one tiny force to reckon with!


Header - Chibi Growth

Now this last card we’re going to cover took me by complete surprise, in fact I had another card picked out for my third choice and only switched things up while editing. The last spot on our list goes to none other than the baby version of one of the most powerful card draw spells in the game – Chibi Growth

Chibi Growth

On the surface, I originally passed over this card because of multiple reasons: it severely limits you to the type of beastie you can search for and it can only be played in decks playing Forest types. When we have access to the cards like Index, it kind of makes you wonder why this card even exist. 

However, unlike Index, I like that Chibi Growth lets you immediately play the beastie you search for the same turn you add it to your hand. Although it limits you to the type of beastie you can search for, you have access to several of the big boys like Mothman, Guardian Angel or Quetzalcoatlus which you can essentially cheat out for a fourth of the cost. The biggest downsides are that you’ll have to splash something that produces Forest Aura and during gameplay, if you don’t already have Chibi Growth on hand, you’ll have to keep your chibi beastie alive long enough until you draw it. However, because you only need one Forest Aura to play Chibi Growth, splashing it might not be too hard to pull off especially now that duo Aura artifacts exist. Most likely, the issue you’ll run into is your opponent taking out your chibi beastie before you’re ready to pull off your combo, so make sure that you either have ways to protect it or just wait until you have both cards on hand before making your move.

What are your thoughts on the Valentine’s Day set? Have you added any of the cards to your deck? Leave a comment below letting me know! If you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball), feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

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