The Spooky Combo That Let’s You Recast Free Spells

Aside from pulling off a crazy combo, one of my favorite moves to make when playing MetaZoo is contracting spells for free. Recently, I’ve been working on a Spirit type deck that focuses on powering up the beastie spirit Ghost Deer with the spell card Tribal Warcry and in the process, I came across a couple cards that not only make a fun combo, but that also let you recast free spells – from your cemetery! Who are the beasties that make up this powerful team? 

Introduced in MetaZoo’s second set Nightfall, today we’ll be covering: Bell Witch and Familiar.

Bell Witch

Let’s start with Bell Witch since she’s the one bringing the most to the table out of this duo. When I first saw her in Nightfall, I loved the fact that she had the magiproof trait to protect her from being targeted by spells and she had the “fleet” trait which lets you fatigue her the moment she enters the battlefield. Being able to automatically use her power while also having protection from spells is incredibly strong because it essentially prevents your opponent from getting rid of her the turn you play her – and they definitely will want to once she starts working her magic. This is because her power allows you to recast any spirit type spells from your cemetery with the only downside being that the spell must be placed in your afterlife once resolved. Even though her arena effect which forces her to attack can also be a downside, her attack’s effect kind of makes up for it, given that she has the ability to paralyze an opposing beastie that might give one of your attackers trouble. And she can also poison them, potentially dealing enough final damage to take them out at the end of your turn.

Now let’s move on to her feline companion who is so appropriately named Familiar, as a familiar is a creature known to aid witches in the casting of spells. And that’s just what this little guy does. By activating its power you’re able to cast Spirit, Dark and Neutral spells for one aura less. Oh and by the way, it doesn’t say that the aura cost can’t be reduced to zero and there are many strong one-aura cost spells for you to cheat into play ranging from New Year’s New Beginnings to Morpheus. Even better, if you use Familiar’s power first and happen to have Bell Witch on the battlefield, you can use her to recast spirit spells like Morpheus from your cemetery for free.

Now, like with Bell Witch, there are downsides to Familiar, starting with the arena effect requiring you to place a beastie from your limbo into your afterlife. However, this isn’t really much of a downside when playing Spirits as there are beasties like The Red Ghost which will let you recast those beasties at a later time. And since the requirement doesn’t state that you must be able to do this in order for Familiar to remain on the field, you don’t even need to have a beastie stocked limbo in order to feel comfortable playing it. Really, the only downside to our feline friend is the lowlife points and lack of protection from spells meaning it’ll be an easy target for a multitude of turn one spells.

Have you come across any other fun combos in MetaZoo? What about other ways to cheat aura cost? Leave a comment below letting me know! If you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball) feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

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