The Grays – Another Go Wide Strategy for Cosmic in MetaZoo

In my last article, we covered El Verde Entity, who is a Cosmic beastie alien from Wilderness with a fun contract effect that lets you bounce other beasties and re-contract them – sometimes for free if you’re lucky. Now that UFO has officially landed, we have a whole new cast of Cosmic beastie aliens to dive into and build spell books around. This time we’re going to cover a beastie that is probably one of the most recognizable faces this set has to offer: Grays.

This beastie doesn’t have any traits and only has 35 life points, however it has a contract effect that I think performs very nicely in a Cosmic go-wide strategy. The effect reads that when you contract Grays, you reveal the top page of your spell book and if the page revealed is a Terra page or Grays, you contract it for one less Cosmic aura. This effect is a double bonus that allows you to get a look at the next page in your spellbook and also potentially contract pages for free. This is because you already don’t pay aura for Terra pages and if the page you reveal is a Grays, that cost reducing effect will essentially let you contract it for free.

With Stars Terra in play along with a handy flashlight, these beasties are swinging for 50 damage and since you’re allowed to have 10 of these in your spell book, you could really build a solid deck around mainly these guys. Even with low life points and no traits, thanks to their contract effect, you can develop a wide board state very quickly. Ideally the play would be to keep contracting as many Grays as possible for free until you have enough in the arena to use Reptoid Ruler’s tribal boost power on everyone and swing in.

Reptoid Ruler is a beastie that was released as a promo in the Cosmic theme deck released in MetaZoo’s Nightfall set and has become a major staple in the current competitive strategy for Cosmic. This is thanks to it’s tribal boost power, “Alien Invasion” which boosts the attacks and life points of every beastie alien in your army based on the number of beastie aliens in the arena – including your opponents. Along with Reptoid Ruler, for extra backup you can also throw in a couple copies of the spell card Tribal Warcry, which is similar to Reptoid Ruler’s effect except instead of boosting everyone at once, it will boost just one of your beasties attacks and life points.

Grays would also pair nicely with the new UFO artifact page which has an alternate win condition based on there being three different Terra pages in the arena along with beastie aliens whose aura cost totals at least five Cosmic aura. I like to think of it as a backup plan or getaway vehicle for the Grays in case their go wide, “world domination” strategy doesn’t work out. During the game, you can use the Grays to thin all the Terra and fellow Grays you need out of your spellbook in preparation for the UFO mothership. Then if at some point later in the game, if they haven’t been able to successfully take down your opponent, hopefully by then you can send in UFO to take the ultimate win.

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