The Card Jumpstarting Lightning Decks in MetaZoo

Lightning decks in MetaZoo really didn’t need more help, but man, did they get such a nice boost in Wilderness. Even without Quetzalcoatlus, lightning players were doing just fine tearing up the arena with Dingbelles, Lightning Bolts and Thunderbirds. Now, Wilderness has introduced new beasties and spells that are the perfect complements – or replacements – for the staples that make up current lightning decks. Today we’re going to get into one of those new beasties that actually replaced the Thunderbirds in my current build: Phantom Car



Phantom Car

This beastie spirit has been such a nice addition to my current lightning deck which runs Quetzalcoatlus as the main front runner. Phantom Car’s cheap aura cost allows you to play it early on in the game, which ties in perfectly with its power. “Get Away” allows you to end combat at any time if you have a successful coin flip, almost like having a built-in Smokey Spirits which is a powerful potion that automatically ends combat. The reason why you would want to have access to this power early on is that you can use it to slow down your opponent while you build up your aura base and beastie army. 

Lightning likes to go fast and aggressive but can sometimes stumble in decks playing beasties with higher aura cost. Phantom Car (and another beastie I’ll be covering on YouTube) gives lightning players a nice early game play that you automatically have access to thanks to its fleet trait. And because it has the spirit trait, it’ll give your opponent somewhat of a challenge to remove on their turn because they can’t attack it with their own beasties.

On top of that, you can also use PC for a nice aggressive play as it’s “Crash!” attack deals a starting base of 30 damage – more than enough to put a hurting on many turn one and two beasties. Its main downside is in its 30 life points, which will make it an easy target for players carrying removal spells, but at least that will be one less spell in your opponent’s arsenal and one less spell for you to worry about when you play your main beasties.

Have you tried playing Phantom Car in your lightning deck? Leave a comment below letting me know! If you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball) feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

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