Lightning Decks’ New Radioactive Threat – Radioactive Hornets

This past weekend, MetaZoo hosted their very first Caster’s Cup tournament where players from all over came out to compete for the $100K grand prize. If you happened to catch footage of the competition, you probably couldn’t help but notice a certain type popping up more often than others, especially when it came down to the final four decks: Lightning! In my last article, we covered Phantom Car, one of the Lightning beasties from Wilderness that definitely saw plenty of play during the tournament, so I figured this time we’d continue on that road highlighting another Lightning beastie I saw out there making moves. 



Radioactive Hornets

Although technically, I should say Lightning “beasties” since when you contract Radioactive Hornets, you get three beasties for the price of one. Radioactive Hornets is one of the latest beastie insects to come out of Wilderness that has become a number one favorite for Lightning players. For just one Lightning aura, you get one beastie with 15 life points that also brings along two Hornet tokens with 10 life points. All three Hornets have the flight trait so they can only be attacked by other beasties with flight and all three have an attack that deals 10 damage.

Even spicier, the leader of the Hornets has the ability to paralyze another beastie with its attack which prevents that beastie from attacking, defending or essentially activating any effects/mechanics that make up their text box. An ability like this is perfect for one of the signature moves these three beasties can be used for when going up against a beastie that’s a threat. The move is to declare an attack with the leader Hornet in the hopes that its Sting attack paralyzes the targeted beastie. This will then make it safe to send in the troops, a.k.a. the Hornet tokens or another beastie, to finish off the job.

With access to a turn one move like this, it’s no wonder that Lightning wound up taking home the grand prize when piloted by Easton Evans. If you’re interested in seeing a deck tech built around the Hornets and Phantom Car from my last article, keep an eye on my YouTube channel where I’ll also be including even more Lighting cards not covered in either article.

Have you had a chance to test out Radioactive Hornets in your Lightning builds? Leave a comment below letting me know! If you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball) feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

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