Frost’s Newest Competitive Ally in MetaZoo, Pamola

Guys, we have to talk about this beastie. In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that Frost has been one of my favorite types to play in MetaZoo since the beginning and as the game grows, I’ve become more and more impressed with the competitive level it’s been able to reach with each new set that comes out. Cryptid Nation started out with Icy Path, Babe the Blue Ox, Snow Snake and Tizheruk, which were great cards but were no match for decks playing Lightning, Forest and Water. Then Nightfall turned things around by bringing us the powerhouse spells of Alaskan Vortex, Frostbite and Great Blizzard combined with equally powerful beasties like Jack Frost, Qalupalik and A–Mi–Kuk. Wilderness honestly wasn’t really much of a game changer for Frost, but still introduced a few cards with potential like Old Man Winter and Friendly Snowman.

And then UFO brought us Pamola – an incredibly ripped beastie spirit that has the stats to match its menacing appearance. For starters, Pamola has both the spirit and flight traits which makes this thing practically untouchable for your opponent depending on using their beasties for removal. This is especially handy if they have particularly aggressive beasties like Quetzalcoatlus which would normally be able to take out a 60 life point beastie like Pamola with one bite if the Lightning Storm Terra is active. 

Speaking of active Terra, Pamola has the potential to have double the Terra boost on its attacks as it gets a boost from both Snowing and Mountain Terras being in play. What’s extra spicy about this boost is that Pamola activates the Snowing Terra so long as it isn’t fatigued. If you have two Pamolas in play that are awakened, you can attack with one of them and have its attack be boosted by 10 points thanks to the other remaining awakened. 

Even without the Terra boost though, Pamola’s attack is already pretty powerful considering it deals a base damage of 40 and inflicts paralysis on an opposing beastie. If you’re unfamiliar, paralysis wipes a beastie’s text box clean and prevents them from attacking/defending. This is the first time we’ve seen a Frost beastie that deals paralysis on its attack versus the frozen indicators they’re known for slinging. It’s one of the hints of MetaZoo moving towards dual type decks we’ve seen sprinkled throughout UFO with Frost and Lightning – the main type known for paralysis – being one of the shipped pairings. Now granted, it does deal a frozen indicator if you’re playing on a mountaintop or at the base of a mountain, but this isn’t competitively relevant unless stated. However, the paralysis indicator can occur in any environment no matter the condition, making Pamola a top tier beastie against almost any opponent.

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