Everything You Need to Know About Collect-a-Con and Tournament Play

Hello again dear casters and cryptids! I have crawled out of my mushroom hut yet again to bring you some very important information regarding upcoming events and how to best prepare for them. There are some really big sanctioned tournaments happening quite soon and I intend to help you know what you’re doing when you enter the Arena. Let’s begin with a breakdown of the upcoming tournaments; when, where and what format will be played and what you need to know about registration and deck lists. 

The next really big upcoming tournaments are going to be held at Collect-a-Con Orlando at the end of this month, with a Terra-Only event occurring on February 26 and a Competitive Standard event with predetermined fourth wall effects being held on February 27. Both events will require a deck list and player registration and both have some pretty tempting prizes (first, second and third place medals along with booster boxes and four to 18 booster packs depending on how you place). If you’d like more info, go check out their website at play.metazoogames.com. I highly suggest creating a player profile, that way you can register early and also be aware of any local tournaments happening in your area! Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk formats.


Header - Terra-Only

Terra-Only is a format that means what it says. All Terra bonuses and fourth wall effects must be included in the deck list and presented in the Arena to affect the game. Surrounding environment will not be taken into account for this event and each player is permitted to bring up to four “fourth wall items” to the event. Acceptable fourth wall items are as follows:

  • American Flag
  • Balloon
  • Banana
  • Bandage
  • Bell
  • Bug-like figure
  • Camouflage
  • Candy
  • Coal
  • Coin
  • Cross
  • Damaged MetaZoo Product
  • Dirt
  • Fishing Rod
  • Flannel Shirt
  • Gelatin
  • Ice
  • Jacket/Sweater
  • Leather Belt
  • Light Bulb
  • Liquid Water
  • Mirror
  • NASA Symbol
  • Neon or Glowing Lights
  • Official MetaZoo Merchandise
  • Orange Pumpkin
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Plant
  • Radio 
  • Red Beverage
  • Representation of Fire
  • Stone
  • Tin Foil
  • Vampire Fangs or Jewelry
  • White Clothing

Look carefully at your deck and choose up to four to be included on your deck list when you register for the event. You’ll also be required to have some representation of the fourth wall items you choose presented on your side of the arena. This can be as simple as a drawing of the item, as long as you can clearly show what you’re trying to represent so players and judges can recognize them.

This is the strictest play format in MetaZoo, striving for an even playing field between casters. The event will be Swiss pairings, where each player earns points based on wins and losses, with best-of-three rounds lasting 50 minutes and three additional turns if you run out of time. If you run the clock and the additional turns to zero, the player with the highest LP will be declared the winner and the player with the most game wins will take the match. If you each won a game and there was no time for a third round, it’s declared a tie and points are allocated accordingly. After Swiss Pairings, the top cut of the winners will be determined and will move onto single elimination matchups where losing a best-of-three match means elimination. This will continue until there is a last man standing, aka the event winner. Got it? Good, let’s move on.


Header - Competitive Standard

The Competitive Standard event, aka The Clash, at Collect-a-Con Orlando takes place on Sunday, February 27, and is a much different format than its predecessor, with best-of-one rounds each lasting 30 minutes and three turns, followed by a top cut that reverts back to the best-of-three rounds each lasting 50 minutes and three turns. There will be predetermined fourth wall and Terra effects that will be permanently active in the Arena. I will paste the list below. Look over this carefully and build your spellbooks to take advantage of the numerous effects that will be accessible to all players.

  • City
  • Ground
  • Lake
  • Ocean
  • River
  • Swamp
  • Winter
  • Daytime (10am – 5pm)
  • Dusk (5pm – 6pm)
  • Fog
  • Full Moon
  • Lightning Storm
  • Meteor Shower
  • Raining
  • Snowing
  • Stars
  • American Flag – Uncle Sam
  • Banana – Napa Rebobs
  • Bug-like figure – Tuttle Bottoms Monster
  • City known for sewer alligators – Sewer Alligator
  • Felled Tree – Giant Salamander
  • Fishing Pole – A-Mi-Kuk
  • Man Made Tunnel – Bunny Man
  • Mosquitoes – Arkansas Snipe
  • Nasa Symbol – Frank Shaw’s Gargoyle
  • Real Clouds – Air Rods
  • Real Boat – Lake Iliamna Monster
  • Real Tree – Wood Devil Of Coos County

In addition to these active effects, each player is permitted to include one fourth wall item of their choice in their spellbook deck list. Similar to the Terra-Only format, this fourth wall item must be on the approved item list I posted up above and it needs to be included in your deck list and represented in some form in the Arena. This is crazy people – just look at all of those modifiers. Personally, as excited as I am for the Terra-Only event, I think The Clash is going to be legit pandemonium and I cannot wait to participate and see how it plays out.

I hope this has helped to prepare you for what is coming. Lawd help us, 2022 is gonna be an epic year for MetaZoo and Orlando is just the beginning. If you’re planning on attending, great! I’ll see you there. If you have any questions about MetaZoo gameplay or card specifics, hit me up on Instagram @metabroz – I’m here to help! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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