Could Next Chapter Replace New Beginnings in MetaZoo?

Typically, whenever MetaZoo releases a new set block, players get a variety of theme and release decks featuring copies of key cards: Lightning in a Bottle, New Beginnings and Bookmark. In UFO, however, these key cards were replaced with different spells offering alternate variations of the cards they replaced. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the spell card Next Chapter, which was substituted for the spell card New Beginnings.

Even though Next Chapter is triple the cost of New Beginnings, this card offers enough benefits to more than make up for the price. For starters, unlike in the case of New Beginnings, Next Chapter allows the caster who contracts it to begin by drawing a card. What’s great about this ability is that it gives you a little extra card advantage and if you don’t draw something that you need, you can just put it on the bottom of your deck once you move into the next stage of the spell. In the next part of the spell, all casters then place as many cards as they’d like on the bottom of their decks and then draw the same number of cards.

What’s incredibly powerful about this portion of the card is the element of choice. Players can choose to hold onto key cards in their hands that they would normally have to toss when playing cards like New Beginnings or its “evil” predecessor New Year’s New Beginnings. On top of that, those spell cards limit players to drawing only seven cards, whereas Next Chapter allows you to draw as many cards as you’d like. This is a pretty spicy ability because in MetaZoo, there is no limit on the number of cards players can have in their hands, which means that if you happen to have, say, a hand of 10 cards, you’re free to potentially draw up to 10 cards for just three neutral aura when playing Next Chapter. And technically, you would be drawing 11 when factoring in the card you draw in the beginning of the spell.

New Year's New Beginnings

Now unfortunately, this card does have some obvious downsides. For starters, it can definitely help out your opponent, as it allows both of you to draw new cards and hold onto your key cards instead of being forced to shuffle or discard them. It’s this ability that makes the card New Year’s New Beginnings so destructive; it forces both players to discard their hands to their cemetery, which can really mess up decks that need specific cards to reach their win condition. This is even more brutal when taking into consideration that if a beastie card winds up in the cemetery, unless it’s a card like Casa Blanca Entities, it’s most likely stuck there for the remainder of the game. 

Another downside is that because these cards are being placed on the bottom of your deck, if you don’t have a way to shuffle your deck later on, you could risk putting cards you might need a couple turns later out of range. However, I don’t believe that those downsides are enough to prevent it from being played in decks, as the benefits far outweigh the costs. In fact, this is a card I would not be surprised to see popping up in decks more often.

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