Bigfoot Breakdown – Wilderness Edition

He’s here! Though normally a shy fellow who avoids cameras, this time Bigfoot’s back and stealing the limelight in MetaZoo’s latest set Wilderness with new card artwork and mechanics. A few articles back, I did a breakdown of Bigfoot’s first card which was originally released in MetaZoo’s first set, Cryptid Nation. While a fantastic card that proved him to be king of the apes, the Wilderness version offers more deck building potentials along with sweeter Sasquatch synergy. 




For starters, he features the regen trait which will allow him to recover 10 life points at the end of each turn up to his max 80 – a solid LP total although personally I wish he had 120 just to give him a little extra protection. His Legendary Strike attack starts off with a nice 50 damage which immediately doubles to a clean 100 once a Forest terra hits the field. His true potential however lies in his arena effects and card mechanics starting with Tribal Boost. 

This mechanic gives all beasties of the same tribe +10 on all of their attacks and life points for each other beastie of the same tribe in the arena. This mechanic was originally reserved for beasties belonging to the fearsome critter tribe in CN. Now however, Sasquatch decks can take advantage of the built-in mechanic too without needing a spell card like Tribal Warcry to do so. When you take a look at all of the incredible Sasquatch beasties in Wilderness along with those released prior like Napa Rebobs & Lake Worth Monster, this mechanic opens the door to building some pretty interesting decks. This is especially beneficial to Sasquatch builds when combined with the first line of Bigfoot’s arena effect, which I would argue is the biggest highlight of the entire card: “The first Beastie Sasquatch you contract each term costs one less aura to contract.” 

This main effect is such a good bonus for Sasquatch decks, as it not only benefits Forest Sasquatches, but it also helps open the door to many of the different Sasquatch beasties featured previously that weren’t released as Forest types. Although Bigfoot himself will be tricky to splash considering he costs five Forest aura, there are ways to reduce his cost using either the Chibi Growth and Chibi Bigfoot combo or one of my personal new favorite Sasquatches from Wilderness, Mogollon Monster, who features the convert trait (allows you to fatigue for aura). There are also a number of other Forest beasties featuring the convert trait – like the original Bigfoot who cost one less aura – and with each new set, MetaZoo releases more dual-type aurafacts like Old Book’s Crying Tree, which will make getting this guy onto the battlefield much easier. 

Chibi BigfootBigfoot

And even if you have to wait until later in the game to contract him, that’s ideally when you want to bring him onto the field because of his alternate win condition. If you have eight awakened non-token Beastie Sasquatches on the field, you automatically win the game! Although this most likely will happen at the beginning of your turn, notice too that it doesn’t even say that you have to have this board state at a particular time, which means that you could automatically win at any moment! Now this will be a tricky win condition to pull off, but his cost-reducing arena effect will definitely help get you there, especially if you’re running cheap Sasquatch beasties alongside him like the ones mentioned previously in this article.

Have you tried building a Sasquatch deck? Leave a comment below letting me know! If you’d like to help support my writing and decide to add any of these cards to your decks (or purchase any other TCG products through ChannelFireball) feel free to use my code “GHOSTBEAR” at checkout.

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot Breakdown – Wilderness Edition”

  1. Thanks for the article! I have made a Bigfoot deck and it was very fun to play. I am 1/1 with it so far. My only win was because I had 8 other sasquatches out and I contracted my Bigfoot!! It was glorious!

  2. Also in addition to my first comment above… I put about 4 Ohio Grassman cards in my deck, which allowed me to create a bunch of Nest Tokens with 20 HP Each, with the effect “Beastie Sasquatches cannot be targeted by attacks”. Those Tokens saved my sasquatches for my big win!

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