10 Most Expensive Cards In MetaZoo Nightfall

Metazoo is well known for the value that many of its cards represent, including rarities with extremely limited print runs and promos that can be increasingly difficult to find. Here, we’ll look at the most valuable pieces that you can pull from traditional Nightfall packs, especially their Holo foil variants that bring some bling to your trade binder.

10. Headless Coal Miner 

Headless Coal Miner

Featuring art that pops in holo and the kind of power that flame-focused decks can rely on, Headless Coal Miner should be mining for gold instead! The holo version of Headless Coal Miner is worth considering for any collector. 

9. River of Time 

River Of Time

Taking an extra turn is one of the most powerful things you can do in most TCGs,a nd Metazoo is no different. River of Time lets you get all the value you can out of a full, additional turn, and if you’re slinging the Holo version it feels even better. 

8. Indrid Cold 

Indrid Cold

Fetched up with another card later in this list, Indrid Cold is extremely playable. Even better, the art is decidedly creepy and looks all the better with the Holo treatment. Combined, Indrid Cold is more than worth adding to your deck and your trade binder alike.

7. Righteous Reckoning 

Righteous Reckoning

With art featuring the Wendigo, a card that has essentially become the poster child for the set, it comes as no surprise that Righteous Reckoning is worth collecting. Any card that can clear the board is worth considering for play, giving Righteous Reckoning the additional edge in playability. 

6. Flood the Earth 

Flood The Earth

Speaking of mass-destruction, Flood the Earth can potentially be a one-sided way to clear the board in your favor. Water-based decks are going to want to play plenty of these, so you can safely flood your collection with them.

5. Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

The iconic nature of certain cryptids can help drive their price, and the Headless Horseman is one of the most recognizable folk monsters in existence. The evocative art of this beastie in particular, especially in Holo, drives the value of this game piece.

4. Grim Reaper 

Grim Reaper

Speaking of iconic entities with evocative art, Grim Reaper is decidedly creepy with its skeletal figure cradling a newborn infant. It looks great in Holo, but the card’s ability to outright end a game with a bit of luck is what will keep this card in demand.

3. Mothman 


Perhaps the most recognizable cryptid of all, Mothman is the kind of beastie that even people who don’t actually play the game may want to have on display! As a game piece it’s perfectly solid and fetches up Indrid Cold, making for a fun and flavorful inclusion to your deck.

2. Wendigo 


Just behind the Mothman in recognizability, the Wendigo is another spooky beastie that looks quite daunting. As the poster child for the set with some excellent art, Wendigo has an asking price to match for its shiny Holo variant.

1. Old Scratch

Old Scratch is unique in that its actual value is very hard to gauge. It is the secret rare for the first edition of the set with a grand total of only 100 in print. This makes quantifying its value nearly impossible, but you can bet that it’s worth more than a mint, especially if properly graded.

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