Order in the Court! The Order Symbol in My Hero Academia CCG

The Order symbol is an absolute embarrassment of riches at the moment. Not only is it competitive and affordable, it’s fun and full of innovative ways to run different decks. Fourth Kind on Order has exploded in popularity since the Omaha crew showed us the potential of The Chivalrous Hero as soon as Set 2 dropped. There’s no better time to grab your scales and jump in.

Any conversation about the Order symbol starts with its awesome Character lineup. The Fourth Kind spice is real and so fun to play. Jamming 10 damage attacks on the end of your attack chain, while stunning four Foundations, is just something everybody should try once. Not to be outdone, Rikido Sato I and Hanta Sero I maximize the attack lineup and get the most out of powerful attacks like Recipro Burst and Tape Swing. With other characters like Kurogiri, Tenya Iida I, Stain and Hitoshi Shinso, you can really see the potential for Order to disrupt your opponents stage and open opportunities for devastating kill turns.

Controlling what your opponent is allowed to do is a crippling power and the Order symbol has access to some of the best cards with the ability to disrupt. Starting a match with Hero Killer or Fulfilled My Duty can cripple some decks that rely on certain combo chains. Combatting strong offensive decks like Tokoyami and Asui I with cheap Enhance Step ending abilities can turn aggressive swings into holding patterns, giving you time to get into your bag. Not to mention the addition of Bloodcurdle putting pressure on defensive characters like Nomu and Eraser Head, allowing you to have the fun you want to have.

Playing on Order is only really playable because of the cards that keep your hand fed. Whether you’re playing One For All: Full Cowling 5% Strike in Fourth Kind or you’re playing Passing the Torch in Sato, Order is infamous for its ability to draw cards, regardless of which character you’re playing with, and maximizes the effectiveness of the draw. After all, the most fun games are the ones where I have all the answers in hand and just have to decide which one to play first. 

One For All: Full Cowling 5% StrikePassing the Torch

One of the reasons I’m writing this article is to give some shine to a card that’s getting overlooked far too often. Tape Swing is a game-ender and I love running it in Sero I. With new Momentum-controlling cards in Crimson Rampage like Half-Hot Ignition to pair with Electric Jolt and Electric Surge, cards like Tape Swing and Recipro Burst continue to gain strength and consistency to bolster the symbol. Here’s to hoping we see some more Sero I players at the next event. The kid deserves some play. 

Recipro BurstTape SwingRecipro Extend

The Order attack lineup at the top level is usually headlined by Midoriya punches or Iida kicks, but at your local store, feel free to play around with the full gamut available to you. Blitz Rush can also take advantage of a healthy stack of momentum. While it’s not the most consistent card in the trunk, nobody really cares about consistency when it’s your fourth card in a Fourth Kind deck and it’s coming at your opponent for 15 damage after your opponent just stunned 5! Just to mention the heavy hitters that we all know and love, make sure you get familiar with Indiscriminate Shock 1,300,000 Volts, Recipro Extend and High Engine Kick. They are crucial to most Order decks, no matter who you’re running and knowing how to play with them is the best start to playing against them.

KurogiriBlitz Rush

Most people don’t have access to this little devil, but if you do, Kurogiri is a great deck to play. Passing the Torch gets an added boost in Kurogiri because you’ll know what you’re going to draw. Kurogiri makes a habit of bouncing the first attack your opponent plays if there’s no attack that’s hit the Discard Pile yet. He pressures opponents to put their best attacks in the Discard rather than add them to momentum to avoid Kurogiri’s bothersome Response. Fill the deck with the Iida attacks and your own choice of win conditions. If you’re one of the many players that don’t own a copy, make a deck on Tabletop Simulator and you can practice in the MHA CCG Discord. 

It may not get all the attention that other symbols have gotten, but Order is one of the best symbols for the money. From aggressive devastating combos to fun whacky plays, it’s a symbol every player should invest in now and going forward. Until next time, I’ll see you on the tables!

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