My Hero Academia CCG Loyalty Program Updates

A great man once said, “you don’t make friends with salad.” That’s because you make them by showering people with awesome free promos! Jasco has announced some changes to their Loyalty Program to, hopefully, fine tune the rewards system. With a new season of reward cards fresh on the horizon, and the end of year festivities mere months away, let’s jump in and see what’s new.


Header - Old System

First, let’s talk about the way things were. The Loyalty Program started out pretty generous from Day 1. In an effort to keep tournaments of all sizes fun and competitive from start to finish, Jasco awarded points for participation and wins. While that idea came from a great place, there was a large gap between players that would play in every event and buy the most packs, and those who didn’t have an LGS nearby or couldn’t play in the online tournaments. This system also rewards the best and most loyal players with the most points; not exactly the Robin Hood plan Jasco had envisioned. 

The new system changes plenty more than just how many points you get, but let’s begin there. You’ll still be able to redeem your packs for one point each by mailing them in to Jasco.  A non-foil promo used to cost 30 to 40 points. Under the new system, that number has been bumped up to 45 to 80 points. This gives the whales more incentive to play more often and grind towards completing their collections, not just buying them.


Header - New System

The participation points are really the start of the show, so let’s not bury the lead any further. Players get 10 times the points for entering a tournament, but it comes with a catch. If you drop from an event, you’ll also forfeit your loyalty points, so make sure you’re ready for all the rounds. It’s a bit of a genius change in my opinion. After all, the non-foil promos are supposed to level the playing field for the players that can’t fly around the country to enjoy the game. Rewarding the players that have not the most money or skill but the most will to grind out an event is a great idea. 

The changes make sure you can get rewarded with some cards for just completing one LGS. Finish two? You can get any card you want! If you want to buy your way to the newest cards, you’ll need to buy 80 packs, or just over three boxes, to grab yourself one copy. Yeah, you read that right. That’s a pretty nice balance. 

If you haven’t made it out to the Premiere Events this season, you might not realize how in-demand the promos are.  Each season has brought some of the best and hottest cards in the game to the tables. Jasco has acknowledged that the hype has been Plus Ultra! and made current season promos 15 points more expensive (30 for Provisional promos). All of these changes are live and you can get your cards in the Loyalty Shop at https://play.mhacardgame.com/shop. Will these cards change the balance and let you play the decks you want to play? Time will tell, but until then, have fun and I’ll see you on the tables!

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