More Heroes Clash Previews! Battle Arena, Grenadier Bracers and More!

Heroes Clash finally has a release date! We are now under a month away from the next chapter of My Hero Academia CCG. That’s right, Heroes Clash will be released on October 15! Head out to your local hobby shops to get your hands on the pre-release packs on October 7 and 8. If you’re not sure where to order from, I’ll be making a video in a couple weeks to let you know just where to go. So while we have some time left, let’s see what else is in the set!

Today, we’re gonna take aim on the Assets and Foundations. First Up, Battle Arena! A lot of Chaos decks that thrive on momentum are going to love this card. Piling up cards in momentum for free and threatening lethal turns might be the push decks like Ochaco I need to finally take down an event. The Response allows you to change gears and gives you consistency in your checks. All in all, a very strong card that should give Death and Evil a leg up in a meta that hasn’t seen a ton from them outside of Ochaco II.

Let it be known, Bakugo is not playing games! This card seems tailor made for the berserker of explosions that destroys just as many of his own Foundations as he does deal damage. Set 3 tries to aid the self-destruction strategy and give it more ways convert those lost resources into short term benefits. Will it be enough to get Bakugo into prominence? Time will tell.

MHA is in its early days. Games usually boil down to whoever can hit the hardest for the longest. Heroes Clash seems to be trying to level the playing field for the control decks out there. Influencing the Youth gives the game more options to shut down your opponent’s field and dictate what they can play. Eraser Head players might really enjoy this set.

Long, drawn out endgames at your store? Deadlock has you covered! Can’t Escape Me is a great card to side on any of its symbols to give you great Deadlock pressure. The Response doesn’t really play often outside of a few matchups, so in the side deck it goes.

You can’t have anything nice around a guy like Shigaraki! The Leader of the League of Villains gets more destruction support and in a very interesting way. Shigaraki I punishes the opponent for not blocking, so more support that punishes Full Blocks puts your opponent in quite the pickle. Also, notice the second Enhance is a reusable cost for each attack as long as you can pay the cost. Shigaraki was already a powerful deck and this card might nudge it toward the top.

There’s quite a handful of Characters on the Evil symbol that are drooling for support like this. Decks like Endeavor II, Toga and Shoji I are desperate for ways to turn their Health costs into resources and cards like this are going to complete the strategy. They still have a ways to go, but cards like this will make them plenty fun to slap on the tables.

With Heroes Clash comes a new keyword, Freeze (Freeze – A frozen card does not ready during its owner’s next Enhance Step)! While I was hoping for other keywords to be added, freeze is definitely right for the moment. The first thing this card made me think was “Well if we had freeze, would we have needed to ban Coordinated Effort?!” Probably so. But, this gives decks a way to fight back when certain Foundations get too strong. From players in local hobby shops trying to stop some niche lunacy to top table techs, this card will have a place in the game for a long time. Be sure to grab a set.

Jiro largely got overlooked in Set 2 with much of the support going to newer Characters and other symbols. Dexterous Appendages gives Jiro a great support card, allowing her to not only know the top card of the opponent’s deck, but also manipulate it. This is an auto four-of in any Air Jiro deck. Be sure to notice that although it buffs your attack’s speed, you can still use it on your opponent’s turn without the speed buff.

Responses are going to be a more critical part of the game as time goes on. For now, each Response effect is so strong because there just aren’t very many others to keep them in check. Playing a Stun 2? Oh no, we won’t be having that. I’ll have the Stun 0 please. Blocking with Ice Storm for Breaker 2? Better luck next time. Order and Void continue to build their arsenal of control cards with Noble Participation. 

Deadlocks continue to gain strength with Prehensile Tail, and on some symbols that could really use the help in that department. The best thing about PT is that the first Enhance is useful in any game, so you can main-deck it with confidence. This should give Earth decks in particular a step up on the competition.

The landscape continues to change and players are already hard at work adapting. I can’t wait to see what will come of the change to the format. The first Premiere event after Heroes Clash becomes legal on October 29 is Nationals, November 12. Happy deck building heroes and until next time, I’ll see you on the tables.

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