Momo Resurges in My Hero Academia CCG

Our favorite cards never say exactly what we want them to say. They never do exactly what you want them to do. They never play as fast, hit as hard or control as completely as we’d like. Thanks balance! Smh. But where we find adversity, the best among us find opportunity. Where the rest of us see a character that’s too slow, players like Nathan DeWalt see a champion.

Momo Yaoyorozu

When the decks were shuffled and the cards were dealt for the first time last winter, Yaoyorozu looked like the complete package to a lot of us; a solid defensive option with the consistency to put together large pools of resources and long strings of attacks. Her reliance on Assets was one of her biggest strengths, as it allowed her to hold several more Foundations than any one else without going into Deadlock. She had Staff Strike, one of the most heralded attacks in the game that could make attacks launch for free, while refilling the hand. So what was Creati missing? Well sadly, the answer was the speed to make those strengths happen. 

Unwavering Slash

We are playing in a pretty aggressive format these days. Turn two is often filled with crippling attack turns, but Momo likes to play Staff Strike and Specialized Sound Waves, two attacks that aren’t usually online until turn three! In a typical build, Momo usually spends her turn two fishing for Assets, building a stage and hopefully storing a momentum. But how do we remedy that? Is there a shortcut we can take to the gas? 

Well, not really (or at least not yet.) The only ramp cards we can take advantage of are Unwavering Slash, my vote for the best card in any deck that runs Assets, and Create: Capturing Net. Slash gets us our assets faster and a fair bit of attack power early game, but where does that likely leave us after turn two? Most often, we slam a Capturing Net alongside our Unwavering Slash, and that builds us a free Foundation without losing a card in hand, then we build two or three. At that point, Momo players are sitting on about six Foundations, two cards in hand and just swung for eight damage total. Not the most intimidating start, and that allows players to play the early game freely without the threat of a massive early push.

Small And Limber

So that’s it, right? She’s dead! Not so fast! With Set 2, a lot of symbols got some key support. The Good symbol adds two cards to ready committed Foundations in Small And Limber (SaL) and Study Group Leader (SGL). Now, word of caution: SGL only works with an effect that would commit it. You cannot ready SGL when it’s committed to check a card. However, it’s synergy with one of our most aggressive attacks is worth it! Cannon Blast can get pretty scary pretty fast if you have one or two SGLs or SaLs on the field. Mix that in with the deck’s ability to cycle cards from just about anywhere and keep Quick Creations live on board, and you get something pretty intimidating. You get a character that has plays on turn two that can really hurt without overextending. 

The Good symbol also solves some problems that players were having if you were running her on the All Symbol. While there is some great draw power like Staff Strike and Unwavering Slash, more consistent cards like Passing the Torch allow Momo to play like a seven-hander, which she really needs to set off those lethal turns. With Crimson Rampage, we also get the ability to build faster if you opt to play cards like Back Alley Haymaker and New Training Method. NTM works great with Momo’s first Enhance, allowing it to be used for more than just the effect printed on the front of the card. These early game strings are giving Yaoyorozu players massive confidence recently and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these decks at the top tables.

New Training Method

Now, Nate doesn’t sport all of these different techs in his latest build that he took to Orlando, a build that neared 100 cards. These are all ideas that have synergy with some Momo decks, and clash with others. As I always say, you got to test the cards for yourself to see what works for you. Grab a deck and head to your local hobby shops. Let me know the results in the comments. Until next time, I’ll see you on the tables.

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  1. Thanks for a great article, keep them coming! I think I pigeon-holed Momo for control builds. I’m excited to try these more aggressive synergies with Momo.

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