Kevin Broberg Wins the First My Hero Academia Hero League Championship

32 of the best players in the world battled it out in 111 matches to crown the first ever Hero League Champion! Each match shown on stream was a potent reminder of why these players are the best. The innovation across the tournament was incredible. The reliance on a symbol’s toolbox over character-based interactions was inspiring. And the fireworks throughout the weekend were reminiscent of an Ali v. Foreman fight! At the end of it all, Kevin Broberg (Midnight, Chaos) was able to outlast the field and hold the $125,000 check high as the Year 1 Champion of My Hero Academia!


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Broberg’s path to the title was much more than just a herculean climb to the top of a juggernaut-guarded mountain. There were tons of lessons displayed throughout the way. In the Top 32, we saw him take on Christopher Bromley (Eraser Head, Death) in a match that demanded a more control-style game. Bromley was forced to build a wide stage to outlast Eraser’s speed buffs, mitigate his stage control and absorb Death’s card pool bloat in order to break through that defensive puzzle and deliver a decisive blow. He really showed off Chaos’s ability to slow down, drive deep into deadlock against symbols ill-equipped to punish deadlocks and drown an opponent once the game reaches that deep water. 

Most Chaos decks love to show off the flash. When you have access to Dark Shadow Ruin, Indiscriminate Shock, Home Run Comet, Twisting Azure Inferno and Frigid Heatwave, it’s easy to go through the deck building process thinking, “every card needs to get me to my kill turn ASAP! These attacks are so lethal!” The reality hits you pretty quick when you’re staring down plenty of characters that can click the right buttons on defense to survive your onslaught and wipe you out with the right back swing. This Midnight deck was built for flexibility and can play in a variety of ways. The addition of cards like Successful Results instead of maxing out Requesting Assistance give us synergy, a Deadlock threat and a smaller weakness to cards like Influencing the Youth and Petty Squabble.

By the time Kevin hit the finals, they must have moved this tournament to the nearest Exxon, because the gas was flowing! It took four minutes and two seconds for Broberg to claim Game 1, showing off the insane damage output of the Chaos symbol. The turn two string of Indiscriminate Shock 1.3M Volts into Summon Dark Shadow into Dark Shadow Ruin and finally Indiscriminate Shock 1.3M Volts was enough to take Jiro from 27 life to zero in a flash! With only three Foundations built on turn one, Kevin was able to show off another key feature of many of the top symbols and Characters in the format today: playing without much of a stage. 

When you don’t have many Foundations ready, that usually means you should take your foot off the gas and put up your guard, like a depleted stamina meter in a boxing game. However, you have to know your situations. If you’re newer to MHA, calculating exactly how much damage you can do with what’s available can be difficult, but after you play the same deck for a while, it comes quite naturally. Kevin played the 1.3M Volts and saw an opening to play another card. Then he drew the Dark Shadow Ruin and saw another opening to attack again, all the while recalculating if he could continue this onslaught after each card. Each answer kept coming up “yes, continue” until the answer became “game.”

Midnight isn’t the only one that can decimate a game with little to no Foundations. Plenty of Characters, including Tokoyami I, Jiro I and Asui I are also known for their ability to ball out on a budget. With several symbols catching up to the rest of the class with Set 4, this next format is going to be packed to the brim with Characters that can wipe you from soup to nuts with the slightest of openings. The skill to sculpt your hand while pressuring your opponent at the right times to force them to block with cards they need for back swings is going to continue to become more and more crucial. 

Kevin Broberg mastered these skills and many more on his way to becoming the first Hero League Champion! From deck construction to life obliteration, this is the most beautiful game and I’m happy to see it growing as we enter Year 2. Congratulations to all the competitors and I can’t wait to see many of you in Orlando. Until then, I’ll see you on the tables!

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