A Roadmap to My Hero Academia CCG Organized Play in 2022

As the calendar turns to summer, Organized Play continues to heat up. With several more announcements coming over the last couple weeks, the stage is set for the summer’s Premiere Events, when we can expect the next set, and the best way to get your hands on these gorgeous promos and mats.

The RLE in Las Vegas brought an end to Season 1 of Organized Play, and Origins has already kicked off Season 2! The Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH will feature the most opportunities to grab those sweet Set 2 items with five Provisional Showdowns and one Regional License Exam in just five days. This seems to continue a new size limit for Provisionals, capping their attendance at 64 players. This is a pretty nice change. Coming from Vegas, the format had a different feel that any other event I’d played in. That also had something to do with the single-elimination format which Jasco was trying out. While unforgiving as it was, it definitely was a more fun experience knowing you’re only a few wins away from beginning to Top 8. 

After Origins, Season 2 continues on with RLEs in Orlando on July 9 and Indianapolis on August 6. This will be the best shot to get an invite to the Pro Hero Nationals this November before things get down to the wire. Remember, the Top 4 placements in Regionals get their first round bye into Nationals, with the Champion receiving a two-round bye; giving them the best shot to Top 8 and earn a spot in the Hero League Championship.

Now while top spots are on the line, one of the hottest topics of the events will be these promos. RLE season 1 promos were selling on TCGPlayer for an average of $90 during the Vegas event. In person, they were selling fast and furious with people roaming from table to table looking to buy more copies or offload their promos. Getting your hands on these cards will be clutch, seeing as the Season 2 promos will only be given out at 3 events. 

If you can’t make it to these cities, Jasco has still kept its commitment to the online circuit as there will be online Provisionals on June 18 and August 13. With so much action, the format has undergone massive changes. There is a push towards turn three game-enders this format. When I walked the top tables at Las Vegas, I saw decks like All Might 2, All Might 3, Tokoyami I and Fourth Kind littering the top tables. While Crimson Rampage brought in a wave of new defensive cards, it seems some of the top players like their odds to stomp through them with new offensive weapons, like Sugar Rush Power-Up and Hero Killer. Sugar-Rush in particular seems to be a format defining card with so many players on All, Earth and Fire option to play multiple copies.

Sugar Rush Power-UpHero Killer

The format is truly wide open right now, with nine of the 12 symbols topping Vegas and 11 different characters in the Top 16. Origins has just kicked off with Momo winning the first Provisional! Times are definitely changing. Congrats to Nathan Dewalt for continuing to trust in the resourceful hero, and it paid off for him. On the heels of that, we also welcome a new hero into the battle with Selkie making his debut this weekend. I can’t wait to break him down in a future article, but suffice to say this fish has some kicks in those flippers.

With six events in the next three months, there’s sure to be plenty of news and loads of sick plays. You can get more insight from me at the My Hero Meta YouTube channel and, of course, here at ChannelFireball. Good luck heroes, and I’ll see you on the tables. 

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