Zendikar Rising League Weekend Wrap Up

The first League Weekend for the 2020-21 professional Magic season is in the books. These weekends – where Magic Pro League members and Rivals League members play in their league for rankings – help to determine qualification for  end of season tournaments which in turn set league rosters.

Team Channel Fireball had a solid performance in the Magic Pro League. Reid Duke piloted the CFB take on Dimir Rogues to 8 wins. Also piloting the list were Gabriel Nassif (7 wins) and William Jensen (5 wins). Luis Scott-Vargas took the list to 9 wins in the Rivals League, putting him in a tie for first (with Stanislav Cifka and Bernard Santos).

Going rogue without rouges, Andrea Mengucci hit 6 wins with Esper Doom Foretold. Martin Jůza also hit six wins piloting Gruul Adventures.

Leading the way in the Magic Pro League is Rei Sato, who rattled off 11 wins. As mentioned before, CFB’s own LSV is in a tie for first in the Rivals League with Stanislav Cifka and Bernard Santos.

The next Zendikar Rising League Weekend will take place November 7th-8th.

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