Who Needs Prophetic Prism? The New Pauper Boros Blink


Pauper Boros Blink by Galeogiao



Boros Blink, also known as Boros Monarch in the past, used to be a very popular deck in Pauper, with the ability to recur Prophetic Prism or Arcum’s Astrolabe with Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher to gain incremental value while handling the board state with Lightning Bolt and Galvanic Blast. Now though, those artifacts are banned in Pauper, but a new one is legal and it’s arguably stronger in this deck: Experimental Synthesizer!

Experimental SynthesizerGlint HawkKor Skyfisher

Galeogiao was able to win Saturday’s 213-player Pauper PTQ with the latest version of Boros Blink featuring four Golden Egg and four Spare Supplies in addition to the four Experimental Synthesizer. They all serve as enablers that give consistency to the deck, which is able to create a huge card advantage despite being a Boros deck with only one and two-drops.

A thing to note about this deck is also its sideboard, with a whopping four Dust to Dust, four Revoke Existence and two Gorilla Shaman! Galeogiao knew coming in the PTQ that they needed to defeat Affinity if they wanted to win the event and they weren’t wrong, since Affinity placed three players in the Top 8 with many more in the highest seats. 


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