What’s New in Historic? – Historic Power Rankings – 7/20/21

Despite the release of Forgotten Realms, we’ve entered a relatively slow season for Historic. There aren’t very many big tournaments or MPL/Rivals League Weekends in the format at the moment and challenging the Mystical Archive cards at the top of the Historic Power Rankings is quite a challenge. I’m looking forward to the Challenger Gauntlet that takes place on August 6 through 8. There are a lot of new, talented and veteran players that will surely try to break the format and come up with something new.



1. Izzet Phoenix


Phoenix remains at the top of the Historic Power Rankings because it’s just too good. Sure, there may be decks specifically built to beat it, but they’re going to struggle against most other decks in the field. If you want to play a deck with the highest expected win rate, Phoenix is the pick. One thing I will note is that Demilich hasn’t really lived up to its hype (yet) and I keep seeing most versions with the flying creatures instead.


2. Jeskai Control


Lukas Honnay won the last Insight Esports 5k with his take on Jeskai Control, beating many Phoenix decks on the way. If you take a closer look at their deck list, there are three Niv-Mizzet, Paruns, which is something I haven’t seen too often until now. It does look good against all blue decks though, so I would recommend giving it a try.


3. Azorius Auras

Staggering InsightAdanto VanguardKor Spiritdancer


I noticed a lot of Entrancing Melodies, not just in Phoenix’s sideboard, but recently even in Jeskai Control and other blue decks. This card is extremely good against Auras, so I moved it down a spot. It’s still an extremely good choice though, just make sure you practice a lot and find out all the play patterns against the most common matchups so you can sideboard correctly and play around the game breaking cards.


4. Dimir Control


I’m seeing less Dimir than I expected after it had a great showing in the last MPL/Rivals League weekend, but that can be attributed to the fact that, in tournaments or on the Arena ladder, you can expect a much wider range of decks than just Phoenix, Auras and blue control. It’s great against those three archetypes, but it can struggle against aggro.


5. Indomitable Creativity Combo

Indomitable CreativityKoma, Cosmos SerpentThe Locust God


I’m still grouping Izzet Creativity (with The Locust God and Sage of the Falls) and Temur Creativity (with Koma) together because I keep seeing both of them do reasonably well and they’re playing pretty much exactly the same cards.


6. Jund Food


Jund always does reasonably well in the online events, which can probably be attributed to the fact that there are always a lot of creature decks.


7. Dragonstorm

DragonstormTerror of the PeaksBladewing the Risen


Finally, a new deck in the Historic Power Rankings! I saw a lot of Dragonstorm decks do well in different Historic tournaments over the past week, so I wanted to give it some credit. Take a look at this interesting version by Noobzaurs, which can play out a lot like the Izzet Creativity Combo.


8. Selesnya Company


With Phoenix still holding the number one spot on the Historic Power Rankings, and being the most played deck by a wide margin, Thalia and Archon of Emeria combined with Collected Company is still a fine choice. Just make sure you can deal with their bigger flyers.


9. Gruul Aggro


If you want to attack, I would suggest Gruul over Mono-Red because the creatures are just bigger and better.


10. Niv-Mizzet


Niv also haven’t really lived up to its hype after the Strixhaven Championship, but I believe it’s still fairly unexplored and has a lot of potential.



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