Top 5 Best and Worst Basic Lands in MTG

Six years ago, I released the definitive Basic Lands Power Rankings, and it’s time for an update. To reiterate, this isn’t my opinion, it’s objective fact – I’m merely the messenger. Let’s get to it.


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Any black-bordered expansion with matching art.

As before, if you take the time to grab all lands of the same expansion and art, you’re not losing any points. Playing with all Dominaria or Theros basics is totally fine, and a solid choice. You can do better, for sure, but you can also do a lot worse.


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best and Worst Basic Lands in MTG”

  1. I personally love using a variety of different basic lands in my decks, especially in my mono-red edh deck which features lands from an Arabian Nights Mountain to a Brother’s War one, my deck is a showcase of art throughout magic’s history and various sets/planes.

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