The Next Magic World Championship

Today the world of Magic got its next look at the end of the 2021-22 Professional Play Season. While this season will mark the end of both the Magic Pro League and Rivals League, there are still Set Championships and a World Championship to be played. The announcement provided some insight into how these tournaments will feed World Championship XVIII.

The date and location for World Championship XVIII has yet to be announced, but the article left open the possibility of it taking place in person. Unlike the most recent World Championship, the next iteration will include 32 players, with one already accounted for: current World Champion Yuta Takahashi will be invited to the tournament. Players who finish in the Top 6 of the Innistrad Championship, the Neon Dynasty Championship, or the New Capenna Championship will also qualify.

The next slate of invitations depend on World Championship Qualifier Points (WCQPs). Each match win in a Set Championship rewards one WCQP, and players who finish in the Top 8 of each Championship but fail to make the Top 6 will each earn an additional 4 WCQPs. WCQPs will be tracked here. The following players will earn invitations based on the WCQP total:

  • The five Magic Pro League members with the highest WCQP total
  • The five Rivals League members with the highest WCQP total
  • The eight non-MPL, non-Rivals players with the highest WCQP total

At large bids will created when a player qualifies for the World Championship through multiple avenues. These invitations, if created, will be based on WCQP total and are league-status agnostic.

The announcement also provides the roster for both the Magic Pro League and the Rivals League. These leagues will be sunset at the end of the season and there is no scheduled league play for the 2021-22 Professional Season. While no plans are set for what comes beyond 2022, the current year is being used to find a path forward for a future system of organized play.

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