Strixhaven League Weekend Round Up

The first League Weekend for the Strixhaven Split has come and gone. Despite being named after the newest set the weekend featured Standard and Historic without the latest cards. Still, players were battling it out for spots in the Leagues moving forward, as well as the chance to stay in a professional league altogether.

In the Magic Pro League the Top 4 players are set. Ondrej Strasky cemented himself as the number one player, securing himself a spot in the MPL next year as well as a spot in the World Championship. Joining him in the Top 4 and Worlds are current World Champion Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa as well as Team ChannelFireball Ultimate Guard members Gabriel Nassif and Reid Duke. Team ChannelFireball Ultimate Guard member Martin Juza, Andrea Mengucci, and William Jensen are in the thick of things and likely headed to the postseason Gauntlet tournament. Three players have found themselves at the bottom of the MPL standings and are relegated to the Rivals League for next season: Raphael Levy, Chris Kvartek, and Piotr Glogowski.

The top of the Rivals League is also set. Eli Kassis took over the number one seed and as such has earned a spot in the Magic Pro League next season, as well as a spot in the World Championship. Joining him in making the jump to the MPL are Matt Sperling, Staislav Cifka, and Team ChannelFireball Ultimate Guard member Luis Scott-Vargas. As in the MPL, several players have been relegated out of the Rivals League. These players have lost their spot in the League and have been entered into the Challenger pool: John Rolf, Ben Stark, Ally Warfield, Beatriz Grancha, and Joel Larsson.

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