Deck Highlight – Standard UB Control

Standard UB Control - TheAsianAvenger

21 lands in a CONTROL DECK?

Tis a brave new world in Standard with spells that are lands and lands that are spells. This Dimir Control deck from everyone’s favorite Grixis player, The Asian Avenger, takes huge advantage of the flippy lands (MDFCs sounds so boring, flippy lands, fun!) to add removal, card draw and filtering while retaining the usual high land count of a control deck.

Hagra Mauling, Bloodchief’s Thirst, Sea Gate Restoration and Silundi Vison are key components, but the finishers are familiar, a single Lochmere Serpent, an Ashiok and a pair of Shark Typhoons. It’s nothing too new, but eliminating late-game dead draws and ensuring early mana fixing, now that’s not something control has really had in a while.

Omnath might be dominant right now, but once the answers start to line up against the threats, expect control to be a major player in Standard.



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