Standard Power Rankings – Zendikar Rising Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to the final installment of the Power Rankings for Zendikar Rising Standard. This ended up being a pretty good format overall after some initial tinkering to get rid of the Omnath menace. With Kaldheim just around the corner, I’m curious to see what decks will emerge and how the format will shake up.

There will probably be no Power Rankings next week, but hopefully soon after that we’ll get some updates featuring Kaldheim.

1. Gruul Aggro

Gruul Aggro won the CFB Pro Showdown and was half the Top 8 at the SCG Kaldheim Qualifier. This is a fitting deck to have at the top as the format moves on, dominating many premier events and making Top 8s left and right.


2. Dimir Rogues

I’ve said it before, but Dimir Rogues and Gruul Aggro are the two best decks of the format. In the end, Gruul ended up getting the nod for best deck. When I look back on this format in the future, I believe Gruul and Rogues will be remembered as the format-defining decks. Rogues ended up with a couple copies in the Top 8 of the CFB Pro Showdown. It didn’t do as well in the SCG event, but I’m still quite comfortable with it in the number two slot.


3. Esper Doom

Esper Doom became popular as a good control deck against Gruul with decent tools against Rogues. The deck ended up winning the SCG Kaldheim Qualifier, and although it didn’t have any other Top 8 finishes this weekend, it’s going to end the format in the number three position.


4. Mono Green Food

With Gruul being so heavily represented, Mono Green moves back up a little bit from number five to four. This deck was created and exists as a means to prey on Gruul, but it does do that decently well. This deck had three copies in Top 8 of the SCG event, and although it didn’t do as well in the CFB Pro Showdown, it did well enough overall that I’ll move this deck up.


5. Dimir Control

This is the last of what I’d consider to be the tier one decks at the close of the format. Dimir Control is a consistent control deck and has game against all the other decks, though it was never quite as strong as the top couple of decks. However, Dimir Control is still good and the second deck on the list to use Yorion, Sky Nomad, one of the more powerful cards in recent memory.


6. Temur

Although I just said that I think there are only five Tier 1 decks, Temur tried its best by being in all sorts of different forms throughout the life of the format. In the end, it just didn’t quite make the grade and wasn’t well represented as the format coalesced around the top five decks. Temur is still here as an honorable mention though, as it did leave a distinct mark on the format.


What do you think will be the top spot when the Kaldehim Power Rankings are unveiled? Make your prediction in the comments! If you’re correct, you have a chance to win… bragging rights.


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