Standard Power Rankings – 2/8/2021

We’ve gotten another week of Kalhdeim under our belts, and things are moving fast and furiously. With that being said, here are this week’s Power Rankings.



1. Sultai Ramp

Emergent UltimatumKiora Bests the Sea GodVorinclex, Monstrous Raider


The naming conventions for all these Sultai decks is potentially harder to understand than some games of Magic. I think Sultai Ramp is typically the one that plays Emergent Ultimatum and often has some ramp cards. This deck was the big winner over the weekend, in that it won the biggest event, the SCG 5K Championship Qualifier. Sultai Ramp also showed up quite a bit in other tournament results. Overall, the ramp version has been sort of an evolution of the Sultai Yorion decks and a strong one at that.


2. Naya Showdown


Showdown of the Skalds is on the short list of the best cards in Kaldheim. Naya, for my money, is the best deck at using Showdown of the Skalds right now, although Boros is doing a good job of maximizing on its potential as well. I give Naya a bit of an edge though. As the Sultai decks go bigger and bigger to go over the top of each other, I could see the more aggressive versions of decks rising up to go under the bigger Sultai decks.


3. Rogues

Soaring Thought-ThiefSaw It ComingDrown in the Loch


Rogues is still great. It isn’t that popular right now, in part because I think people are more interested in having fun and doing new things. As things shake out and competitiveness becomes more of a priority, I reckon you’ll see a bit of a boost in Rogues.


4. Rakdos Sacrifice


This deck really crushed it over the weekend. It didn’t do quite as well in the Championship, but in the eight SCG qualifiers, five of the 16 first or second place decks were Rakdos. That’s a pretty amazing number. Rakdos is really strong and I’ve been impressed by Immersturm Predator quite a bit, often losing to it.


5. Boros Showdown


The next Showdown of the Skalds list ditches the green and is just straight Boros. I think Standard’s poised for a small rise in aggressive decks for the reasons I mentioned above, but we’ll see if it actually comes to fruition.


6. Izzet Flash


Another one of the best cards from Kaldheim is definitely Goldspan Dragon and I think Izzet is the best deck using it. At the very least, Goldspan Dragon is the focal point of the deck. As it turns out, the Dragon just combos incredibly well with counterspells, especially two mana ones. Saw It Coming is great at filling that spot and Behold the Multiverse is another great card in the deck from Kaldheim. 


7. Sultai Control


Sultai Control is less rampy, more control-style version of Yorion. Some of these decks are close to Dimir Control, splashing Binding the Old Gods, which is largely responsibly for the rise in Yorion decks, just on power level. A four mana spell that removes any permanent, ramps and is able to be repeated is just so powerful.


8. Temur Ramp


I’ve played this deck a lot and I quite like it. This deck is a traditional Temur Ramp strategy, though I’ve been quite impressed with Goldspan Dragon in this deck. The dream start of three mana ramp into Dragon into Ugin, the Spirit Dragon or Genesis Ultimatum isn’t even that uncommon, but it’s very hard to beat.


9. Gruul

Edgewall InnkeeperBonecrusher GiantLovestruck Beast


Like I said about Naya and Boros, I think Gruul is a bit weaker than Naya. That being said, if I’m right about the short-term rise of aggressive decks, Gruul is another deck that’s poised to take control of that. While Showdown of the Skalds is a great card, making aggressive decks more and more grindy will, at some point, allow the Sultai decks to beat you at their own game. Maybe you can outgrind them, though. If not, aggressive Gruul decks may become more attractive.


10. Jund Sacrifice

Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingImmersturm PredatorClaim the Firstborn


In addition to Rakdos, Jund has gained a little bit of steam. I’m unsure of the advantage of Jund over straight Rakdos is right now, but Jund also showed up with numbers over the weekend. I’m intending to play with it this week.



What did I get wrong? Did I leave anything off? What’s the best deck? Let me know in the comments!

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