Standard Esper Angels – Deck Guide

Esper Angels is a pretty typical tribal synergy deck where your goal is to put together a couple of creatures with the same type to get interesting triggers and buffs as a reward. 

You win most of your games by putting up some early defense with high toughness creatures, and eventually using Righteous Valkyrie to climb over 27 life and get a +2/+2 bonus for all your creatures. At that point, your flyers are too big to be blocked or get killed by burn or even cards like The Meathook Massacre

You need to have a good curve because you absolutely need to add something to your board every turn to get your synergies. As a result, running too many removal spells isn’t necessary because your creatures eventually outclass your opponent’s and running countermagic isn’t desirable either because you almost always tap out on each of your turns. 

I played this list on the Arena ladder for the last few days and found it to be quite a good ladder deck, although it feels like it is still a few cards short to really break into tier one for high level tournament play. 




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