Kaldheim Preview Highlight: The World Tree

The World Tree

Wow, this card really has a lot going on for a land. What’s the downside here?

“The World Tree enters the battlefield tapped.” Okay, that’ss a downside but it at least taps for a green.

“As long as you control six or more lands, lands you control have ‘Add one many of any color.'”


Ashnod (Oversize)Barrin (Oversize)Crovax (Oversize)Eladamri (Oversize)

Holy cow. I remember way back in the day playing Vanguard. If anyone doesn’t know what Vanguard was, it was a bit like Commander, except there were special Vanguard cards that you started the game with in a “Vanguard zone,” although I don’t remember the formal name. These “cards” never did anything except provide an effect. They all had adjustments to your starting and max hand size as well as your starting life total.


Mirri (Oversize)

I used to like the Mirri card. All it did was allow you to tap your lands for any color mana. With that though, it was easy to put whatever cards you want in your deck and do things like curve Frenetic Efreet into Juzam Djinn, using all Plains, one of which you subsequently sacrifice to play Kjeldoran Outpost.


Maskwood Nexus

Anyway, back in reality, The World Tree has a third ability which lets you pay 10 mana, sacrifice it and put any number of Gods from your library onto the battlefield. There has been some buzz around the combo of The World Tree plus Maskwood Nexus. To me, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be ultra competitive but it does seem ultra fun.


Chromatic Lantern

I think the main use for The World Tree will be mana fixing. There have been some reasonably competitive decks featuring Chromatic Lantern and now it gets thrown on a land for the cost of entering the battlefield tapped, though this isn’t such a huge cost for an effect so powerful. The other drawback here is that this isn’t “powered” until there’s six lands in play. For this reason, you can’t do extreme things like play a deck with Opt, Shock, Path to Exile, Thoughtseize and mostly green cards.


Bring to LightNiv-Mizzet Reborn

Some natural homes for this deck will be a deck like Niv to Light, some Superfriends decks, particularly ones with a green base, or any sort of combo deck that comes up with Maskwood Nexus as previously mentioned.

Personally, I’m focused much more on the mana fixing aspect, but do you think that I’m incorrect and should be focused more on the secondary ability? What ideas do you have for The World Tree?



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