Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Old-Growth Troll

The newest offering from our Oversized Green Creatures catalog is Kaldheim’s Old-Growth Troll.


Old-Growth Troll

With merely the first word, Old-Growth Troll already has an important quality that its closest Standard-legal approximations lack: trample.


Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigLovestruck BeastKazandu Mammoth // Kazandu Valley

The larger a creature is, the more important trample becomes. When your enormous creature gets Fogged on key turns by a Human token, it loses a lot of value. This is particularly true when it comes to attacking planeswalkers. As a bonus, trample will put Old-Growth Troll in a better position to carry Auras and Equipment like Skyclave Pick-Axe or anything sweet that gets printed in Kaldheim.

Next, there’s a whole lot of text that amounts to “you get a second Troll when this gets killed.” Importantly, you get the ability to make a second Troll at instant speed, making both the front half and the back half or Old-Growth Troll excellent against board sweepers. Cards like Shatter the Sky are normally the bane of green-based creature decks, but if your Old-Growth Troll gets Shattered, it returns as an Aura on your land (plus it draws a card in the case of Shatter the Sky). Later, you make the Troll token at the end of the opponent’s turn, giving you flexibility to play around another board sweeper or other sorcery-speed removal.

I love this card, and I’ll leave you with a few more details that might not be obvious at first glance.


Crawling BarrensCastle GarenbrigTurntimber Symbiosis // Turntimber, Serpentine Wood

This card costs GGG to cast and the Aura can only enchant a Forest. This means that you can only afford a small number of lands which don’t produce green mana, like a mono green deck with one or two copies of Crawling Barrens or a mostly-green deck lightly splashing another color. You’ll also want at least twelve cards with the land type Forest, which shouldn’t be a sweat in a heavy-green deck but you shouldn’t go too crazy with Pathways, Castle Garenbrig or Turntimber Symbiosis.


Elspeth Conquers DeathBrazen BorrowerExtinction Event

The front half can be tagged by Elspeth Conquers Death. The back half is immune to ECD, but can be bounced by Petty Theft or something similar. One Old-Growth Troll and one Troll Warrior Token gives you a nice even-odd split against Extinction Event as well.


The Great HengeVivien, Monsters' AdvocateWildborn PreserverBonders' Enclave

If you want to really maximize Old-Growth Troll, you’ll want tp have an aggressive beatdown deck that can also make use of the extra mana that it might give you in the midgame. Midrange cards like The Great Henge or Vivien, Monster’s Advocate play well, as do mana sink cards like Wildborn Preserver or Bonders’ Enclave. 


That’s all I’ve got for today’s Preview Highlight. Hooray for giant creatures with Trample!

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