Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Goldspan Dragon

While a ton of cool cards have been spoiled from Kaldheim already, I wanted to highlight one in particular – the gold-hording dragon Goldspan Dragon.

Goldspan Dragon looks like an incredibly interesting card. For five mana, it’s already a 4/4 flying with haste and an upside. On the surface, it might look like this card requires some sort of Treasure synergies. In my opinion though, I think all the Treasure synergies are already baked into the card. I see this card as an interesting win condition. While nobody wants to tap out and leave themselves vulnerable, does Goldspan Dragon really put you in that position?

If you spend five mana, play Goldspan Dragon, move to combat, and the opponent plays a removal spell on it, you’ve still created a Treasure that can be used to do something like Negate the removal spell. In combat, Goldspan Dragon creates an additional Treasure that turns into two more mana to react to whatever the opponent may do on their turn. If you’re able to go straight to combat, you get one Treasure, worth two mana, to react to your opponent’s turn.

Goldspan Dragon is also a good card for beating on enemy planeswalkers. Sure, it can’t kill a planeswalker like Nissa, Who Shakes the World in a single hit, but it can combine with Frost Bite or Scorching Dragonfire. That’s where the ability to play a creature that can “protect” itself with free mana is very likely to come in handy.

There’s a bit of a snowball effect with this card as well. Once it attacks, it helps ramp towards a second copy or it can be cloned with a Glasspool Mimic or a similar effect. “Tapping out” becomes less and less relevant as Goldspan Dragon creates more and more Treasures. All in all, Goldspan Dragon is just an extremely good card.

A card that might be good, or at least fun to pair with Goldspan Dragon could be Alrund’s Epiphany. Time Walks are strong when paired with attacking Dragons that generate mana.

Let’s try this for a list:


What do you have in mind for Goldpsan Dragon? Do you like a control shell, maybe something more aggressive? Perhaps even a midrange or tribal deck of some sort? Let me know!


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