Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Faceless Haven

Everyone is talking about all the new Mythics and build-around cards, but I feel like Faceless Haven is not getting the attention it deserves.


Faceless HavenFaceless Haven (Extended Art)


This land is absolutely awesome and should have a big impact on Standard if the snow mana bases allow it.




Mutavault has historically been one of the best creature-lands, thanks to it being an extra threat that doesn’t take up space in your deck. Faceless Haven is a bit more expensive and harder to activate, thanks to the snow mana restriction, but it provides a much larger body.

Mono color aggro decks should be happy to pick these up because they don’t mind running a full snow basic land mana base and Faceless Haven will give them something to do with extra mana if they draw a bit too many lands. Having a creature-land also means you don’t need to overcommit against sweepers like Doomskar and that you’ll always have something to attack with that is immune to sorcery speed removal spells.

Midrange decks love creature-lands as well, though you usually appreciate if they’re dual lands to fix your mana, so we’ll see if it’ll make it’s way into the multicolor ones. I can definitely see it in a midrange deck like Mono Green Food though, especially because it’ll also be able to crew your Esika’s Chariot.

You can also use Faceless Haven in control decks, where you won’t really need to be able to activate it early, so you can get away with fewer snow mana sources. In the control mirrors, you’ll be able to pressure their planeswalkers and in the late game, it’ll actually serve as a win condition, especially because it also has vigilance. Three mana is also much less of a commitment than five, which you have to spend to attack with other available creature-lands like Crawling Barrens.

Whether you’re currently playing Mono Red Aggro, Mono Green Food Midrange or Dimir Control and your mana base allows it, definitely try to fit some Faceless Havens into your deck.


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