Pioneer Power Rankings – POST Pro Tour Phyrexia

After one of MTG’s biggest Pioneer tournaments, what does Pro Tour champion Reid Duke think of Pioneer’s Power Rankings?

2 thoughts on “Pioneer Power Rankings – POST Pro Tour Phyrexia”

  1. I am always surprised for lack of Dimir Control in such rankings? It regularly places as second most popular control deck, and although far behind azorious in popularity, it has quite similar win rate, and overall statistics look better than those of many other archetypes on the list.

  2. Great insight and commentary, as usual! Love to see my beloved Azorius Control high on the list, along with Lotus Field, and Izzet Phoenix; Mono Red Embercleave rounds out my personal Pioneer gauntlet, and I trophied with it shortly before the Pro Tour on Magic Online, but it’s not a very popular deck these days, so if I were to mention a deck you didn’t, it would be that one. Love this format. And congrats on your win, Reid!

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