Nine Crimson Vow Combos for Standard, Modern and More

Innistrad: Crimson is not the most combo-friendly set. As many as eight cards contain the text “once each turn,” which is clearly meant to prevent some infinite Crimson Vow combos. Examples include Welcoming Vampire and Whispering Wizard. 

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Appearances of the text “once each turn” have gotten more prominent over the past year. Reverse chronologically, there were five such cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, six in Adventures in the Forgotten Realm, four in Strixhaven: School of Mages, one in Kaldheim and none in Zendikar Rising. So it appears that Wizards of the Coast is deliberately cracking down on infinite combos. But that won’t stop me.

This article collects nine infinite or game-winning combos involving one or more new cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow. They are surely not the only ones that are possible, but they are the ones that stood out to me. Some are competitive, most are casual, but all of them are fun to imagine. All combos but the last are possible in Commander.



Header - Cultivator Colossus


When Cultivator Colossus enters the battlefield, a spicy trigger goes onto the stack. If you can guarantee that every card you draw is a land, then you can put all lands from your library onto the battlefield. If your library contains Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and enough Mountains, then that’s an instant win.

One way to accomplish this is in an all-land deck. A 98-land Commander deck with Cultivator Colossus as the only nonland card has some clear issues, but at least you’ll never miss a land drop.

More realistically, you could accomplish it with Abundance. When you control the enchantment, the “draw a card” on Cultivator Colossus can be replaced with “draw a land card”, which means that you can repeat it for every land in your library.


Header - Halana and Alena


If you can boost the power of Halana and Alena to five, which is easily done with a card like Madcap Skills, then you can put five +1/+1 counters on another creature every turn. If that creature is Sage of Hours, then you can take infinite turns!

In an older format like Pioneer or Modern, three-card combos are generally not competitive. But in Standard, where the card pool is more limited, a three-card combo could actually make an impact.


Header - Ill-Tempered Loner


The idea here is to give Ill-Tempered Loner indestructible and lifelink with Angelfire Ignition. Subsequently, you ping it with Play with Fire.

For the triggered ability of Ill-Tempered Loner, you then choose itself as the target. Then you do it again. And again. Every time, you gain two life, and Ill-Tempered Loner never dies because it has indestructible. The end result is infinite life. 

It’s a three-card, eight-mana combo comprised of cards that could all reasonably fit into a Boros Aggro deck. That’s not too bad. There’s also a lot of redundancy for Play with Fire – Spikefield Hazard, Kabira Takedown or Shatterskull Smashing would work just as well. All in all, it could be worth exploring in Standard.


Header - Necroduality


With Rooftop Storm and Carrion Feeder on the battlefield, you can cast Gravecrawler from the graveyard for free, sacrifice Gravecrawler and repeat as often as you like. That by itself already creates an infinitely large Carrion Feeder, but what if your opponent has too many chump blockers?

In that case, the newly printed Necroduality can help out: every iteration, you create a Gravecrawler token, which means that you get to pass the turn with an arbitrarily large number of Zombies. It’s a fun addition to any casual Zombie combo deck.


Header - Olivia, Crimson Bride


An attack trigger that returns a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped and attacking is not completely new, but the mana cost and sizing on Yore-Tiller Nephilim was never particularly attractive. Now with Olivia, it’s a bit easier to set up an infinite combo with Port Razer.

It only works if your opponent has no blockers. But in that case, Olivia attacks, returns Port Razer to the battlefield attacking, and you’ll connect for an additional combat phase. Before you attack again, you sacrifice Port Razer to, say, Viscera Seer, and then you can repeat it as often as you like. Infinite combats equals infinite damage.


Header - Patchwork Crawler


With Patchwork Crawler on the battlefield, you need to exile Incubation Druid and Glimmerbell from your graveyard. Now Patchwork Crawler has the activated abilities of both, as well as a +1/+1 counter. Note that according to the rulebook, “if Incubation Druid has a +1/+1 counter” actually means “if <this> has a +1/+1 counter.” So, you can tap Patchwork Crawler for three blue, untap for two blue, and repeat for infinite mana.

Eventually, you can win the game by exiling Chandra’s Magmutt and pinging your opponent infinitely often.


Header - Sigarda's Summons


Sigarda’s Summons turns all creatures with +1/+1 counters on them into Angels, which can set up an infinite combo with Bishop of Wings.

Suppose you sacrifice an Angel with a +1/+1 counter on it. Then Bishop of Wings triggers to create a 1/1 Spirit token. With Metallic Mimic on Spirits, this creature enters with a +1/+1 counter on it. Hence, thanks to Sigarda’s Summons, it enters as a Spirit Angel. This, in turn, triggers Bishop of Wings for four life. Finally, you sacrifice the Spirit Angel with a +1/+1 counter to Woe Strider. Repeat as often as you like; the end result is infinite life and infinite scry.


Header - Torrens, Fist of the Angels


For this combo to work, you need to control Torens, Katilda, Tuktuk Rubblefort and a Cemetery Prowler that has exiled a creature.

You then cast Kor Skyfisher, which thanks to Cemetery Prowler only costs a single white. Torens creates a 1/1 Human. Thanks to Tuktuk Rubblefort and Katilda, this newly created Human can tap for a white mana right away. Finally, Kor Skyfisher enters the battlefield, returns itself, and then you loop as often as you like. The end result is infinite 1/1 Human tokens.


Header - Voldaren Bloodcaster


This final combo starts with all cards on the battlefield. You sacrifice Falkenrath Forebear to Woe Strider, which triggers Blood Artist for a drain. Moreover, Pitiless Plunderer creates a Treasure token, and the duo of Voldaren Bloodcasters creates two Blood tokens. 

Next, you sacrifice all these tokens to return Falkenrath Forebear from the graveyard to the battlefield, and you repeat this infinitely often. The end result is infinite drains and, I have to say, a flavor win for Blood Artist.


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