News Round Up: Week of October 4

A relatively quiet week in the world of Magic news, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t exciting.

First up is Eternal Weekend. This year the events, focused on Legacy and Vintage, will be taking place on Magic Online.  Taking place on back-to-back weekends, October 16-18 for Legacy and October 23-25 for Vintage, the events will use entry tokens. These tokens will grant holders access to all the cards on Magic Online on their account for the duration of the token. This will let participants practice for the main events. Tokens will be available for the week leading up to their respective championship weekend.

The 2020 Partial Season sees its ultimate event – the 2020 Grands Finals – this weekend. Dominated by Omnath, Locus of Creation in both Standard and Historic, the tournament took the Top 16 players from the Mythic Invitational and the Top 16 from the Players Tour Finals and pitted them against one another in a quest for glory. After 6 rounds of Standard and 6 rounds of Historic, an exciting Top 8 remained to battle on Sunday:

  • Austin Bursavich on Omnath Adventures
  • Seth Manfield on Dimir Rogues
  • Autumn Burchett on Gruul Adventures
  • Emma Handy on Gruul Adventures
  • Aaron Gertler on Omnath Adventures
  • Patrick Fernandes on Omnath Ramp
  • Gabriel Nassif on Omnath Adventures
  • Raphael Levy on Omnath Adventures


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